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An introduction to roulette

Roulette is a favourite casino game for many players, due to its simplicity, entertainment and the range of bets that you can place on each spin. You can play American and European versions of the game, as well as more specific versions online. Yet, no matter which game you do play, they will all use the same playing style, and it’s easy to understand, although if you become a serious player you will also see the level of depth out there.

The game actually dates to the 17th century, in France, where roulette was said to be invented. The word roulette means ‘small wheel’ in French and came about after an attempt to build a perpetual motion machine failed, but instead we ended up with roulette!

How to play

Playing roulette is straightforward, all you must do is bet where you think the ball will end up on the wheel. However, there are a variety of bets that you can place which fall into two categories, outside bets and inside bets, which we will cover here.

Outside bets

Choosing a colour – the numbers 1-36 on the wheel alternate from red and black, and if you get the right colour you will be paid out at evens, but be careful as zero is green

Odd or even – another self-explanatory bet, pick whether the ball will land on an odd or even number and you will be paid at evens.

Column bets – place your bet in a 2:1 pace, and if it lands in that column you will be paid at 2:1

Dozen bets – your bet can be split into three sets of 12 numbers, and if the ball lands on one of your dozen, you will be paid at 2:1

High or low – Another easy one, betting if you think the ball will land in the first half of numbers, 1-18, or the second half, 19-36, which pays at evens

Inside bets

Single number – pick one number and if it lands you will be paid 35 to 1

Split betting – Place your bet between two numbers, covering them both and you will be paid at 17 to 1 if it lands on either

Street bet – place your bet at the end of any row, covering three numbers, and get paid at 11 to 1

Corner bet – place a bet in the middle of four numbers, covering all of them, and if any lands you will be paid at 8 to 1

Six-line bet – essentially a double street bet, where you bet on two rows, covering six numbers, and you will be paid at 5 to 1

As you can see, the way to get the big pay outs comes in the form of the inside bets, as you are increasing the risk significantly, trying to pick specific numbers. Outside bets are easy to place, and will usually double your money. When you are at the wheel though, there’s no restrictions, you can place any bets that you want, on each spin.

Types of roulette

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways of playing roulette, and whilst they all follow the same main structure, the differences could set one game ahead of another for you, and it’ important you choose the right game for you.

European Roulette (also known as French Roulette)

Given its origins back to the 17th century in France, you could argue that this is the most authentic game. With numbers from 0-36, the odds of winning are one in 37 on a straight number bet. Although, the house edge in this game lies at just 2.7% which, as you will see, is a very low amount. The lower the house edge means you are more likely to win over time, although of course this is just an average.

American Roulette

The significant difference with gambling on American Roulette to the European difference is the additional ‘00’ that is on the wheel. Obviously, this makes the house edge higher, as the chances of winning are increased to one in 38, although it’s not a major difference. The numbers are in a logical order, opposite each other, unlike European Roulette where they are random on the wheel. Other than that, the game is the same.

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So, after reading all about it, you will be ready to try your hand at the entertaining and thrilling game. With many variations, options and ways to play, you just need to head over to the roulette section on our page to see what bonus offers we have on this perennial favourite. Enjoy!