Roulette on the go with Roulette HD

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, played by millions every day online and in-house. And, now you can experience the thrills of the ‘Devil’s’ game from the comfort of your mobile phone with HD Roulette.

From LadyLucks’ mobile app you can access our wide range of tables, with varying table limits. What do you prefer: the American table, or is the European table for you? Both are available with the LadyLucks mobile app.

If you are after the best possible return, then you should stick to the European table. With just one major difference between the two – the American roulette table includes a 00 as well as 0, whereas the European version just uses 0 – there is a significant difference in the house edge. Playing on the European table means you will see a house edge of 2.70 percent, which rises to 5.26 percent on the American version. Maybe the difference in house edge doesn’t concern you in the slightest and you just play roulette for the thrill of the game, as well as the uncertainty of each spin. If so, you will love indulging in this classic on your LadyLucks mobile app!

Roulette is already a casino favourite, but you will love it even more when you realise how little you can play for. With a minimum stake of just 25p, you can enjoy hours of entertainment at the online roulette table without taking too much from your bankroll. Although, if you want to place a more significant wager on your lucky number with that one lucky chip, you can do so with a maximum stake of £300. All types of players are on this spectrum, so roulette truly is for everyone.

Returns in Roulette HD

What returns can you expect from roulette? The return to player rate (RTP) is one of the highest around at a staggering 99.38 percent. So no matter how often you play, there’s an incredibly high chance you can take some money from your trip to the roulette table. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

With plenty of amazing features to enjoy alongside the excitement of the wheel as it spins, such as loadable betting patterns which you can save and customisable casino chips for a personal experience, you will love roulette. Plus, if you want to switch between American roulette and European roulette you absolutely can! In fact, you can switch between the two mid-game if you so wish. Get to know each game a little better with the LadyLucks mobile app and that low minimum stake.

Enjoy one of the best-loved casino games at your fingertips with the LadyLucks mobile app. Whether your money is on red or black, high or low, odd or even; you can play your favourite game anywhere you are, on either type of roulette table, for mere pennies. Whether you’re an American roulette fanatic or you love the European table, if you’re here to spend big money or pinch the pennies – Roulette HD is for you!

  • Why you'll love it:

  • starsThe ability to switch between European and American roulette tables mid-game
  • starsLoadable betting patterns which can be saved to your account
  • starsHD-audio for the immersive, real-casino experience
  • starsCustomisable casino chips for the personal gaming experience
  • starsComplete gaming statistics along with betting history
  • starsComplex table and position limits
  • starsDrag and drop chip placement for ease of us

Game Details
Min bet 25p
Max bet £300
RTP 99.38%