Roulette HD

Roulette HD

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, played by millions of people everyday online and in-house. Well, now you can experience the thrills of the ‘devils’ game from the comfort of your mobile phone with HD Roulette.

Roulette on the go with Roulette HD

From LadyLucks’ mobile app you can access our wide range of European and American tables, with varying table limits. Read on for more information, or jump straight into the action from this page.

  • Why you'll love it:

  • starsThe ability to switch between European and American roulette tables mid-game
  • starsLoadable betting patterns which can be saved to your account
  • starsHD-audio for the immersive, real-casino experience
  • starsCustomisable casino chips for the personal gaming experience
  • starsComplete gaming statistics along with betting history
  • starsComplex table and position limits
  • starsDrag and drop chip placement for ease of us

Game Details
Min bet25p
Max bet£300