Triple Diamond Mobile Slot

Nowadays we’re used to playing slots that are jam-packed with 50+ paylines, bonus features, intense graphics and wild, wacky themes. Triple Diamond goes back to basics, with just three reels, nine paylines and the bars and 7s symbols that we all remember fondly from back in the day.

It’s back to basics with the Triple Diamond slot

Twenty years ago, slot machines never had the wild, sprawling paylines zig-zagging across the screens, nor hundreds of symbols whirling around at hundreds of miles per hour — no, they looked much like this slot, with three reels and nine paylines (some even had as little as one line). This makes Triple Diamond a rather easy slot to play, requiring little to no attention.

With a minimum bet of 5p, this game is perfect for old-school slot fans looking to kick back with a little bit of nostalgic play. Of course, with a maximum bet of £180, this slot also has the potential to entertain all the high rollers.

So, if you’re ready to experience one of the most laid-back slots on the market, then play straight away from this page. Otherwise, you can read on below for more information.

Play stress free!

On first appearance, you will notice there isn’t much to say about this slot. Fortunately, this is the point, as mentioned previously this game is based around the classic slot machines you would find in bricks-and-mortar casinos. The three reels are separated and spread out across the centre, mimicking the appearance of the classic box-style games. The spin button can be found at the bottom in the centre, with the line-bet and line buttons to the left. Your balance can be found on the right-hand side.

The symbols in this game stay true to the theme, with bar and 7s spread across the reels. The wild symbol takes the form of the ‘triple diamond’ symbol, which completes combinations with 2 other like symbols. It pays out varying amounts depending on various sequences:

    One wild: 2x multiplier
    One wild on screen + 2 blanks: 3x multiplier
    Two wilds: 10x multiplier
    Two wilds + blank slot: 9x multiplier
    Three wilds: 1199x multiplier

Likewise, any three mixed bars will pay 5x your total stake when landed on any one line. Married with an RTP of 95.06%, this slot has the potential to keep you entertained and well-paid.

Game Details
Paylines 9
Min bet 10p
Max bet £180
RTP 95.06%