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Megaways™ slots
Mar 13, 2024
Written by Philippe

What are Megaways slots? Produced by Big Time Gaming, these are among the most popular slot providers in the world. Big Time Gaming is a reputable game and slot developer since 2011. The company is located in Australia but has its presence is other countries globally. Big Time Gaming is responsible for titles such as Bonanza, Queen of Riches and Dragon Born. The success of these online slots derives from their innovative format.🤯

Big Time Gaming

They work on a 6-reel structure and an additional horizontal reel having 4 symbols. While playing, you can get from 2 to 7 symbols with constantly changing and dynamic gameplay. There are up to 117,649 possible ways of winning from a single spin. This makes these slots online a favourite among most players worldwide.

Game DeveloperBig Time Gaming (founded in 2011)
InnovationMegaways™ mechanic with random reel modifiers and cascading reels
PaylinesUnlike fixed paylines in traditional slots, Megaways™ offers a dynamic range, potentially reaching millions of ways to win.

How Megaways slots work ? The outcome of every spin in Megaways™ slot is unpredictable. With multiple paylines, the outcome is calculated at the end of each spin and displayed at the top of the reels in a golden coloured box. This is calculated by the number of symbols in each reel.

How is a Megaways slot different?

  • Random Reel Modifiers: The number of symbols on each reel changes with every spin, creating a dynamic range of paylines.
  • Unpredictable Outcomes: With multiple paylines, the outcome is calculated at the end of each spin and offers a surprise each time.
  • Up to 1 Million Ways to Win: The Megaways™ mechanic allows for a vast number of potential winning combinations on a single spin.
  • Cascading Reels: Winning symbols vanish after a win, triggering new symbols to cascade down for potentially multiple wins in a single spin.
Egyptian Heroes video slot
Video slot classic
Bonanza Megaways™ slot
Megaways™ slot

All Megaways™ slots are registered under its trademark.

How does a Megaways™ slot work?

Megaways™ slots take online gaming to a whole new level with their innovative reel mechanic. Unlike traditional slots with fixed paylines, Megaways™ utilizes a random reel modifier. This means the number of symbols on each reel changes with every spin, offering a dynamic range of ways to win. Imagine the thrill – each spin could present you with tens of thousands, or even over a million, potential paylines!🤑

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Megaways™ boasts a captivating feature called cascading reels. Here’s where the magic truly happens. When you land a winning combination, the winning symbols don’t just disappear – they vanish in a dramatic flourish, triggering new symbols to cascade down from above. This creates a chain reaction of potential wins, allowing you to rack up multiple wins on a single spin. The cascading reels keep rolling as long as winning combinations appear, adding a layer of suspense and anticipation to every spin.🤩

The complete list of the best Megaways slot

With the rise in popularity of Megaways™ slots, game providers have acquired licences from Big Time Gaming. This has ensured a regular release of new video slots by other game providers.

Game providers such as iSoftBet, WMG, Storm Gaming and Blueprint Gaming are among the software providers that have acquired Megaways™ licence.

Blueprint Gaming Megaways™

Among the licensed gamed providers is Blueprint Gaming that has produced a number of great titles. These titles include Buffalo Rising, Diamond Mine, Genie Jackpot among others.

Apart from Blueprint Gaming other software providers have ensured new slot games are released on a monthly basis and are safe to play in selected online casinos.

The complete list of the Megaways™ slots include Buffalo Rising, buffalo and animals of the prairie themed slot, Aztec Gold, Aztec adventure themed slot.

Aztec Gold mobile slot by the provider iSoftBet

Bonanza, the first Megaways™ slot

Bonanza is a gold mine themed machine with game elements such as precious stones, gold and 9 to A poker card symbols. Being one the best Megaways™ slots, Bonanza offers 117,649 ways to win. For a player to win the winning symbols have to be placed next to each other from left to right.

Bonanza Megaways™ slot by Big Time Gaming

Apart from enjoying free spins Bonanza is sure to offer a great gaming experience as it employs Megaways™ mechanisms.

Why play Megaways™ free slot demo?

As a seasoned player or a newbie, there is a specific experience one is looking for in a gaming site. Additionally, Megaways slots games are quite innovative and offer a different and better gaming experience.

It is advisable to play the Megaways™ free slots before playing real money games.

When choosing a good slot there is a criterion to follow. First, is the volatility which refers to the risk and reward of a slot. Return to player, which is the percentage amount a player would win if they played a large number of times is also another factor to consider.

Various types of bonuses are offered to players in an online casino and depending on wagering requirements players can cash out their winnings.

Playing with a bonus at the start is important as it reduces the likely loss a player will incur since Megaways™ slots keep providing new innovative gaming experience.

The verdict

Megaways™ slots redefine online slots with their revolutionary mechanics. Gone are the days of fixed paylines; Megaways™ introduces a world of possibilities with its ever-changing number of symbols and the potential for millions of ways to win. The cascading reels add another layer of excitement, allowing you to string together victories with each spin. With every cascade, anticipation builds, keeping you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a dynamic and thrilling slot experience, Megaways™ is a must-try.

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Common questions about Megaways™ slots
What are Megaways™ slots?
Megaways™ slots are video slots that offer diverse ways to win, unlike the traditional slots that had a fixed pay line scheme. Apart from offering up to 117,649 ways to win, they also offer free spins and bonus games.
Who invented the Megaways™ slots?
Megaways™ slots were invented and operate under the registered trademark of Big Time Gaming. However, to provide a diverse gaming experience, Big Time Gaming has issued licences to other software developers such as iSoftBet and Blueprint Gaming.
How do Megaways™ slots work?
Megaways™ slots work by increasing the number of pay lines, therefore providing up to 117,649 ways to win. This is usually determined by the number of symbols in a single reel and the numbers of reels too.
What are the most popular Megaways™ slots?
Bonanza being the first Megaways™ slot is the most popular slot since 2016 when it was first launched. Others include Buffalo Rising Megaways™, Genie Jackpots Megaways™, Vikings Unleashed Megaways™, Irish Riches Megaways™ and many more.