Da Vinci Diamonds

From the Mona Lisa to the ‘Portrait of a Musician’, Da Vinci Diamonds features some of the many classics by Leonardo da Vinci and other amazing renaissance artists from his era. Here you get to experience it all in this masterpiece of gaming by IGT.

Experience the riches of the renaissance period with Da Vinci Diamonds

A little background is required for those who aren’t familiar with Leonardo da Vinci. An Italian polymath (somebody who is talented in a number of subject areas) who is known primarily for his artwork, mathematics and architecture; he was arguably the most prominent figure from the renaissance era. And so, in a way, IGT’s Da Vinci Diamonds is a homage to this amazing man.

For those interested in the period between the 14th and 17th century, this slot is ideal. Not only does it feature some of the most impressive paintings from the much studied time, it epitomises the renaissance era; decadence, liberation, experimental. Take one look at the regal slot-border, with its sublime regal curves and it’s easy to see this is going to be no regular slot game.

Like most video slots by IGT, Da Vinci Diamonds comes with 20 paylines, which falls well into the 20-40 average. While the minimum bet will certainly appeal to all players at 20p, the maximum bet of £600 is sure to get any high-roller excited.

Interested? Whether you’re a fan of da Vinci, or just love to bet big, check out our Da Vinci Diamonds slot review below.

Da Vinci’s art coming to life!

Snapshot from game: Da Vinci Diamonds

The symbols in this slot represent many facets of this incredible man, mainly through the many amazing pieces of artwork on display. There are three in particular (and arguably his most famous): the Mona Lisa, Lady with an Ermine and the Portrait of a Musician.

These are the high-value symbols, with the Mona Lisa paying 1000 coins for landing five, while the Musician and the Lady both pay 500 and 300 coins respectively. Then, of course, you have the ace to ten symbols but instead these come in the style of diamonds, with the red and green diamonds worth 100 and the amber worth 80 – all for matching five.

On top of this you have the jackpot symbol, which is the ‘Da Vinci Diamonds’ icon: match five of these and you’ll receive 5000 coins! Finally you have the wild symbol, which replaces any symbol on the board (apart from the bonus symbol, which is standard across all games).

To activate free spins in Da Vinci Diamonds you need to land the bonus symbol three times or more. This is clearly marked ‘bonus’ and is surrounded by an electric pink background. If you manage to land three of these on reels one, two and three you’ll be rewarded six free spins. What’s great is that free spins can be re-triggered by landing bonus symbols throughout the bonus round, up to a maximum of 300 spins!

Finally, you have the tumbling reels feature, which adds a whole new dimension to slots gaming. Instead of spinning reels, symbols drop in from the top and any winning combinations cause symbols to disappear; this in turn makes space for further symbols to drop down, and this repeats until further combinations are impossible. Ultimately, this could go on forever, leading to endless wins.

  • Why you'll love it:

  • starsThe most successful title in IGT’s online portfolio
  • starsExciting Tumbling Reels feature maximizes play time
  • starsSymbols fall from the top of the screen
  • starsMultiple wins possible on each spin
  • starsWinning lines are replaced with new symbols
  • starsGenerous retriggering Free Spins Bonus entertains and rewards

Game Details
Paylines 20
Min bet 20p
Max bet £600
RTP 94.94%