Mobile Roulette

Mobile Roulette

Play Mobile Roulette

Roulette on Mobile is now available in full HD!

Play the most popular casino game, Roulette on your mobile phone.

  • Game Features:

  • Switching between European and American tables mid-session
  • Allowing the loading and storing of betting patterns
  • Sound
  • Choice of chip colour
  • Game statistics and betting history
  • Drag-and-Drop chip placement
  • Complex table and position limits

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Mobile Roulette Game Rules

Drag across the screen to explore the table layout and touch to lay chips
Use +/- to increase or decrease the bet size or to remove entirely
Drag a chip from one area of the layout to another to adjust your bet
Set the chip size in settings> options by touching the gear icon or in the Help Menu> Game Info> Chip Size.
When changing chip size in the settings, any chip already placed will assume the new value as will chips subsequently placed.
You may place one or more chips on any legal bet on the layout and as many chips as your balance permits to the maximum bet size (see Stake limits for information).
When happy with your bet, touch SPIN to activate the wheel.
You cannot change your bet once the wheel is in motion.
When the ball has stopped, the blue marker will appear on the layout in the winning position.
The result is announced centrally at which point you can repeat the bet, double the bet or x the result box to clear and lay different bets.

Game Details
Min bet10p
Max bet£550