The best 5 strategy books to become a roulette expert

5 best roulette strategy books

You are a roulette player and you wish to take your game a notch higher but you don’t know where to start? Worry not because as much as roulette is a tactical game, there is tons of written information out there that you can read and learn to become a better player both in a physical casino and mobile roulette settings.

These roulette strategy books offer helpful tips on how to arrange your bets accordingly, detect patterns in preceding numbers, or even maximize on faulty wheels which stop on certain numbers more often, without forgetting that every wheel spin constitutes a wholly independent occurrence.

The following reviews of some of the best books in the market will help you make an informed decision in picking the best roulette strategy book.

And as a complement, learn the different strategies to win at roulette with our selection of the best methods.

Christopher Pawlicki – Get the Edge at Roulette

Get the Edge at Roulette by Christopher Pawlicki

The underlying concept of one of the best roulette books concerns the author’s theory that dealers can manipulate the eventual landing point of the ball by the spinning movement.

According to Pawlicki, who was a roulette dealer at different times, the subtle movements and muscle memory ingrained in each individual dealer leads to a “dealer signature” or pattern in which the ball stops on particular spots of the wheel much more than randomisation would suggest.

As a roulette player, you can take advantage of this dealer strategy advice from this book by Pawlicki to explore concepts such as ball tracking and biased wheel play.

Norman Squire – How to Win at Roulette

How to Win at Roulette by Norman Squire

This is a European and American roulette book that discusses the differences between the two, common ways to manage bets, and numerous examples to manifest the current system or lesson.

In this roulette strategy book, the author introduces players to an array of progressive betting systems meant to minimize losses and maximize gains.

Squire includes an arsenal of progressive wagering systems which are the Labouchere, Paroli, D’Alembert and, of course, the Martingale.

It is a manual for both beginners and experienced roulette players on how to efficiently manage your wagers given a variety of scenarios.

Marten Jensen – Secrets of Winning Roulette

Secrets of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen

The “Doctor of Gambling,” as he is often called, Marten Jensen gives vital information about the game especially for new players such as an overview of wheel design, table layout, available wagers, odds, probability, randomisation, and house advantage.

He goes on to review generally on the concepts of ball-tracking and biased wheel play, which are technically possible to employ.

The author exposes you to basic betting systems such as the Martingale, the Labouchere, and several other variations.

Jensen also touches on various cheating ways like bouncing pads, wiggly frets, past posting, manual ball tripping, and magnetic tripping.

Norman Leigh – Thirteen Against the Bank

Thirteen Against the Bank by Norman Leigh

This book, subtitled The True Story of How a Roulette Team Broke The Bank, gives Leigh’s detailed account of events which led to the achievement of what might be considered impossible, and that is beating the bank at roulette and how the system works.

He advises that if you adopt a system of maintaining your bets at a constant amount when losing, but increased them while winning, then more money would be reversed and you could likely benefit from this advantage. This strategy is meant to like turn the tables so to speak.

Many other roulette strategies are included in this book that, as a serious player, you might want to try.

Catalin Barboianu – Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets

Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets by Catalin Barboianu

As a mathematician true to his word, Barboianu gives a mathematical overview and analysis of roulette odds in his book so that you can maximize your profits in the game.

He runs through a complex set of advanced computations and algebraic formulas to analyse various common roulette bets.

Among them includes betting on a colour and the numbers of the opposite colour, betting on the 3rd column and on the colour black, and betting on colour and on the splits of the opposite colour.

While it can be quite complicated, you will appreciate the analyses if you have strong math skills.

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