5 Roulette Tips to Increase Your Chances to Win

5 tips to win at roulette

If you are a new roulette player looking to hone your skills at the game, there are a few ideas you might implement that will raise your chances of winning.

These tips to play online roulette and win work well also for roulette pros who would like to add new arsenal in their armour.

All you need to get started is some actionable hacks and a sound betting strategy.

Although mobile roulette is based on luck, the house advantage varies depending on which variant you choose, so here are guidelines for European and American roulette that are helpful.

1. Manage your money

One of the most important roulette winning tips is good bankroll management. As this is a game influenced by luck to a large extent, you will lose some times.

If you are not prudent with how you invest your bankroll, you can easily blow your money in a matter of minutes even.

And you don’t want to keep digging into your pocket to fund your account, so here is something to keep in mind.

  • First thing you need to understand is how to choose the right stakes. If you usually play £5 to £10, don’t be tempted to go with £20.
  • Second, never gamble a huge portion of your bankroll no matter how small. For example, if your balance is £500, staking £100 may not sustain you in the long run. A 5% stake of the bankroll is more applicable.
  • Third, you need to have a loss limit. Specify an amount that you are willing to spend and once the amount is reached, exit and call it a day.

2. Choose a game with the best odds

Odds determine your ratio of return, so if you look to go long term and earn a good profit, then this is one aspect of roulette you must pay attention to.

If you are observant, you will note that different games offer different odds, and the European roulette offers better odds.

For example, a straight-up bet on European roulette gives you 2.7% while the American roulette version gives you 2.6% in odds.

Also for example, a combination of six numbers on European roulette offers 16.2% odds while American roulette gives you 15.8% on the same bet.

Looking at an overall comparison of odds, European roulette clearly wins the day as this is where you are able to get the best odds.

Also comparing house edge, you will find more reason to choose European roulette. For example, the European roulette comes with a 2.70% house edge while American roulette has a 5.26% house edge.

So, to make the most of your investment consider these tips for playing roulette.

3. Pick the version you enjoy most

With differences between European and American roulette, you might want to pick the best version to play if you want to enjoy the game.

While both versions adhere to the same basic rules, the wheel on American roulette has an additional green space with a double zero.

On the other hand, European roulette is designed with only one zero. Due to the single zero, players on European roulette get a higher chance of the ball landing on the black or red, which is why European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, and the best choice if you adopt a roulette strategy to win.

With an additional zero, American roulette has a higher house edge (5.26%), which lowers your chances of winning. In the perspective of you enjoying the game more, you will have more fun playing the American roulette since it takes much more luck and effort before the ball lands on the right spot.

That’s why despite the low chances of winning some players prefer American roulette as it comes with some thrill.

4. Learn a roulette strategy

There are several roulette strategies you should learn to improve your gaming. Here are four to take note of.

First on the list is the Martingale strategy in which you increase your bets after each loss until you restore your original amount.

There is also Reverse Martingale strategy, which is the opposite of the Martingale. In this case, instead of raising your wager after losing, you invest less when you lose then invest more when you win.

D’Alembert Strategy is also effective as you raise or lower your bets by one depending on the outcome. After a loss, increase your bet by one and when you win reduce your bet by one.

Fourth on the list is the James Bond Roulette strategy which includes three bets that highlight over 67% of the possible outcomes on a table. It works with parts of the Martingale and the total amount has to be split into three parts.

The European roulette offers the best odds, so you are encouraged to try out these strategies on the European version.

5. Play in trusted UK casinos

Also crucially important when developing a roulette strategy is to choose a trusted casino in the UK. You need a casino with high-quality games, fast payouts, generous bonuses, and all other benefits that improve your experience as a player.

Things to focus on while researching the different casinos include safety and security, bonus terms and conditions, device compatibility, banking and payouts, and customer service. Never dive head first into an online casino just because they promise a great user experience and attractive bonuses.

You could also benefit a lot from reviewing what players are saying about the casino.

Being prepared will not only save you from unnecessary frustration, it could also save you money.

Here at LadyLucks, we only promote the very best casinos in the UK that tick all the boxes when it comes to bonuses, game selection, security and customer support – and also with a good range of different roulette games on offer.

From our top list, you can read our reviews to find out which casino offers the best roulette experience.

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