Roulette Strategy: Fact vs Fiction

Roulette Strategy: Fact vs Fiction

Sep 23, 2016
Written by Philippe

At LadyLucks, you have so much choice. Some of you will love the chance to hit the big jackpots on the great range of slots that the best casinos we have selected have to offer, while others will enjoy the relatively low house edge that is available with games like blackjack and video poker. However, arguably the most popular casino game out of them all is roulette.

You have the thrill of the spin, the nerves and tension as you wait to see where the ball lands, then the delight or despair when it does. All of these emotions create an exciting game.

Basic Roulette Strategy 1 : Ignore the theories

Given the huge popularity of the game, roulette attracts more talk and whispers than most regular games, and even if you are just a casual player, you will be aware of some of these theories.

A common one is the hot spots of the wheel. A number that comes out more times than the probability would suggest it should is considered ‘hot’ and therefore players tend to be more inclined to bet on that number.

This isn’t restricted to one number either. If there’s a group of numbers that are hot, people will spread the bet and cover all of these numbers.

Despite the fact that this is a fairly common approach that players will take, we shouldn’t need to tell you that it’s rubbish.

Of course, you can bet that way if you want, we have no qualms with picking any number you want, just be aware that each number has the exact same chance as another.

Each spin is independent from the other, the machine will tell you what has been hit but it has no bearing on the next spin. Once you enter your stake and the ball is rolling each number has the exact chance of coming up.

Falling into traps like this can lead to people raising the stakes unnecessarily and genuinely believing that the formula will work which is a bad roulette strategy to adopt.

Basic Roulette Strategy 2 : Always remember

There are countless other theories that accompany playing roulette and most of them don’t benefit players either. It’s vital to remember that all spins are independent and what has gone on in the past is irrelevant.

Failure to do so could lose your money and mean that the thrill and fun of roulette begins to get stripped away.

So, there you have it. When you hear someone talk about roulette strategy, hot numbers and advising you to follow that path, ignore it. Roulette is random, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Play, the games, mix up your bets and have some fun! Good luck.

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