The Latest Mobile Blackjack Guides, Tips, Recommendations and more for 2023

♠️ How to play blackjack card game?

Mobile blackjack games are nearly identical to online blackjack. A mobile version of blackjack on a mobile phone offers a substantial number of variants of the popular card game, and you can even play live blackjack at mobile casinos against a live dealer. You have the option to play mobile blackjack in demo mode before playing for real money – play it at your favourite coffee shop or commute to work.

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Best UK Source for Info on mobile Blackjack for 2024

Blackjack is one of the most popular mobile casino games around, and it’s easy to see why, once you realise how easy yet exciting it is to play online. It’s also known as ‘21’ and there are many variations of the game available to play. At LadyLucks, we can recommend some of the best mobile blackjack casinos, optimised for an iPhone and Android phone. You can also find live blackjack allowing you to enjoy the game from your smartphone.

Despite its popularity, no one can pinpoint exactly where and when the game started. Some have speculated that it has been going since the 1600s in Spain or France, while historians have indicated it may have originated from the Roman Empire. Luckily, though, it doesn’t matter, as you can enjoy it here at LadyLucks!

How to play mobile blackjack real money (The Complete Guide) 

Blackjack or mobile blackjack rules are easy to remember. The basic objective at a blackjack table is for the sum of a player’s cards to total 21, or closest to 21 to beat the dealer. A player blackjack is when the player’s first two cards total 21. If the player or dealer’s hand exceeds 21 – they lose their original bet!

What are the basic rules of blackjack?

Whilst a blackjack is getting a value of 21 from your cards, the only objective is to beat the dealer, because that’s how you win. Whether you get that from the initial two cards, called player blackjack, or have to draw cards, if you beat the dealer without going over 21 you will win. Exceeding 21 will cause you to go bust, and automatically lose. A dealer bust in when the dealer’s hand exceeds 21.

Initially players are dealt two cards and you must add the values together. All face cards count as 10, and an ace is worth 11 or 1, depending on what you need. All other cards are worth their numeric value. As you can see it’s straightforward. After your first two cards, you can ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. A hit will see the dealer give you an additional card, while a stand means that you don’t want additional cards. Remember, it’s all about beating the dealer and getting as close to 21 as possible.

Mobile Blackjack Card Values

There are some rules though. For instance, the dealer will usually always hit until they reach 17, at which point they stand. When you are both ready, the cards of both the player and dealer will be turned over and whoever has the closest to 21 wins. If you have the same value, a draw will see the original bet returned.

You also have some options during the game. ‘Double down’ means that the player can increase the initial bet by up to 100%, but they must stand after they receive the next card. Also, if you get two cards of the same value on the first deal, you can ‘split’ them into two hands, and they will be treated separately throughout that hand. However, a blackjack after a split is considered a non-blackjack 21, when compared to the dealer. Finally, you only see the dealer’s first card, and if that is an ace, you can get ‘insurance’, a separate insurance bet that pays 2:1 if the dealer gets blackjack from that hand.

Live Blackjack – How do I play mobile Live Blackjack?

Mobile live blackjack games give you the chance to participate at a live blackjack table, against real dealers, regardless of where may be in the world. This means that you can play using an Android or iOS device at your convenience, and experience the authentic feel of a land-based casino when you play live blackjack streamed in real-time over an Internet connection. The live blackjack table is located at a cutting edge production studio or land-based casino and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the full casino experience.

Since you will be interacting with a live dealer, you can chat with them anytime. Unfortunately, while it may be possible to observe a live blackjack game, you still will not be able to try it for free. Still, by watching you get the opportunity to get familiar with the rules, so that you will be ready to play live blackjack games with confidence.

How do you play blackjack for free on mobile?

While blackjack is not a difficult table game to master, it is nevertheless a good idea to play it in demo mode first, so that you get a feel for the rules. Free mobile blackjack gives you the opportunity to play for fun while letting you become more familiar with the blackjack rules and blackjack strategy. Remember, that you have the option of playing blackjack online for free, it is not possible to play live blackjack for free. While playing blackjack for free gives you a chance to beat the dealer, remember nothing beats the sensation of playing for real money.

When you’re ready to play, you’ll find a list of recommended casinos by LadyLucks. As always, all online casinos are licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom (UK) by the UK Gambling Commission or elsewhere by a regulatory body, such as  the Malta Gaming Authority.

4 Things to remember when you play mobile Blackjack

  1. ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection before playing mobile blackjack
  2. different blackjack tables have slight variants, including side bets which you need to make yourself familiar with
  3. consider a blackjack strategy, such as the basic strategy charts
  4. always try the blackjack game for free first until you are comfortable playing for real money

Mobile Blackjack and probability

The house edge in blackjack is one of the lowest of all casino games, which is another factor that makes it so appealing, and in the classic game, the player will have a 49% chance of winning and there are certain strategies that can increase a player’s chance of winning.

The house edge can fall as low as 0.28%, if you have the liberal house rules and a good basic strategy, which clearly makes this a game that you can win from.

Statistically, for every 100 hands, the dealer will win 48, the player 44 and there will be eight ties. The house rules will always dictate what your player advantage or disadvantage is, so check them before you play. If the dealer plays their hand last, that gives them a slight advantage too.

The hand that you want to avoid is 16, and 15 is considered the second worst, given the probability of a bust from a hit, and the chance of not winning if you stand. Whilst you obviously know that 21 is the best hand, followed by 20, 11 is the third best hand, because of the remaining options.

How to win with the basic strategy of Blackjack

A blackjack chart illustrates the best blackjack strategy for a blackjack player to take, knowing the dealer’s face up card and the first two cards that you have been dealt. The strategy tells you when you should split, when you should surrender, when you should double, when you should hit and when you should stand. For example, when a player is holding soft 13 when the dealers face up card is a five or six, then the strategy charts suggest that you double down. The strategy works best when you are playing with between four and eight decks of cards, but remember, in the long-run, the house edge remains.

There are two charts available, depending on whether the dealer hits on soft 17 or stands on soft 17, which is a rule that varies with the table you’re playing at. 

win with the basic strategy of Blackjack

How does counting cards in Blackjack work?

There are a few card counting systems out there that can help you to beat the dealer. While counting cards itself is not illegal, casinos will discourage players from using this strategy, once detected.  One system is called the Hi-Lo, requiring the player to keep mental tallies of three groups of cards that have an assigned value. Another system is the KO Count, a system similar to the Hi-Lo, except that the number 7 is assigned a different value – an important distinction. The true count is a way of tracking cards from within multiple decks. Regardless of your strategy, you’ll need practice, and that is why it’s always a good idea for blackjack players to try the game for free.

Top 5 tips at Blackjack

  1. before playing, make yourself familiar with the rules and payouts
  2. practice the game in demo mode so that you are comfortable playing
  3. compare the blackjack tables, as there may be small differences between them
  4. study betting systems and strategies to decrease the house edge
  5. keep track of your playing time and set loss limits

Blackjack tournaments – How do they work and what are the different types?

Blackjack tournaments, similar to slots or roulette, are arguably more fun, because you play against other players rather than just the dealer. A tournament player tends to be more experienced. The tournament awards a prize for the winning tournament player after all the losing players are eliminated. The award may be prize-money. There is often an entry fee in order to compete at an online casino or land-based casino. Players begin with an equal number of chips and the aim is to take chips from your opponents.

There are different types of tournaments starting with traditional elimination type blackjack tournaments, but there are also non-elimination type blackjack tournaments.

Common Question about Mobile Blackjack Games

➡️ What is card counting in blackjack?
Card counting is a technique often used by blackjack players to reduce the house edge. They can include a number of strategies, such as KO Count, Hi-Lo or True Count.

➡️ What are blackjack tournaments?
Blackjack tournaments and competitions are typically for experienced blackjack players, who pay an entrance fee, to play against each other to win a prize.

➡️ Can I use a blackjack strategy to reduce the house edge?
Arguably, the best way of reducing the house edge is to use a blackjack chart illustration of the course of action to take, once you know your first two cards and the face up card of the dealer.

➡️ Can I play blackjack for free on mobile?
Many blackjack games are available on mobile devices. Mobile online blackjack games in HTML5 and mobile live casino blackjack variants are available.

➡️ How do I win at blackjack?
To win at blackjack you’ll need to beat the dealer by having a better card hand. Reach as close to 21 points, a higher card hand than the dealer, without passing 22 points.
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