Pharaoh’s Fortunes Mobile Slot

When a slot is a favourite around the world, you know it’s going to be something special – and Pharoah’s Fortune JP delivers that and then some! This progressive jackpot slot has the potential to pay out big prizes and gives you a taste of Ancient Egypt.

Escape the mummy’s curse in Pharoah’s Fortune JP

The five-reel slot has a very classic look. There are 15 spaces for symbols to stop and 25 different paylines that could win you prizes ranging from a few quid right up to the progressive jackpot’s grand prize.

The most eye-catching feature of the slot is its consistent graphics, which have been stylised to look like hieroglyphics on the inside of a royal pyramid. Check out the different gods and goddesses who are here to protect the Pharoah, or the lucky scarab beetles who crawl around the tomb walls – and try your best to grab the Egyptian treasure anyway!

The reels are set inside the Pharoah’s creepy tomb, making every play feel a little bit eerie. With bets starting at just 1p per line, your money could go a long way on this slot. Bet on all 25 paylines to boost your chance of winning the Pharoah’s Fortune.

The jackpot version of the amazing slot game

If you’re looking to win big then the Scatter symbols are going to help you achieve that. Cleopatra symbols will trigger scatter prizes: if you have three or more, then you’ll get five free spins on the reels. Keep landing Cleopatra and you can keep getting those free spins going.

The big jackpot comes from matching five Pharoah symbols on an active payline. This rewards the maximum possible payout and if you’ve bet the maximum stake then you could be looking at a big payout!

Progressive jackpots work by having a small amount of each unsuccessful wager going to a central pool. This pool is the jackpot and it can be set up for just one machine or fed into by several different machines. Every game that pays into the progressive jackpot pool has an equal chance of winning that money – and any wagers you lose will go to making the jackpot even bigger and better for the eventual winner.

Whether you’re betting 25p or £25, the Pharoah’s Fortune online slot is sure to entertain and enthral you. Live your Nile adventure in this slot machine, and with a bit of luck, you could walk away from the pyramid with a progressive jackpot payout fit for any Ancient king or queen!

Game Details
Paylines 25
Min bet 1p
Max bet £25
RTP 94.07%