Pharaoh’s Fortune

If you’re feeling pretty groovy, then the Pharoah’s Fortune slot machine might be exactly what you feel like. Party on down inside King Tut’s pyramid and see what riches you could discover in the twisting chambers within!

Party down with the Pharoah’s Fortune

Pharoah’s Fortune is one of IGT’s most iconic slots and it has a certain status as a classic game. The core game revolves around five reels, each of which shows three symbols at a time. In the base game, there are 15 different paylines you can play – but this rises to 20 in the Pharoah’s Fortune Bonus.

The artwork is very strongly themed, so all the symbols on display look like they could adorn the inside of a great ruler’s tomb. The Eye of Horus gazes out at you and there are other classically Egyptian motifs such as the jackal and the ankh. Gods and goddesses are depicted on the reels, as well as a golden scarab beetle. The scarab was a symbol of luck in Ancient Egypt – and it will be for you too, as it’s the slot’s Scatter symbol.

Landing two or more Scatter symbols will give you a payout for the Scatte, but it’ll increase if you manage to match more Scatter symbols. The grinning golden sarcophagus is what you really want though: if you land three or more of these smiling Pharoah heads, you’ll be rewarded by with the Pharoah’s Fortune Bonus.

Walk like a lucky Egyptian

Screenshot of the game: Pharaoh's Fortune
If you recognised the music playing in the slot, it’s no surprise: it’s Walk Like An Egyptian, that peak of 80s pop that’s incredibly catchy but still sounds so good. If you manage to trigger the Pharoah’s Fortune Bonus, you’ll definitely be walking with an extra spring in your step! You’ll be given three free spins with a 1x multiplier, but that’s just the beginning of the fun.

You’ll be taken to a pyramid full of different blocks, each representing a different room of the Pharoah’s tomb. Click on any of these 30 panels to discover bonus rewards behind each one: additional free spins, higher multipliers, or starting the bonus. And if your pick doesn’t start the bonus round, you’ll get an extra free pick.

The Pharoah’s Fortune Bonus has five more paylines than the base slot machine, as well as new symbols to mix things up. You can re-trigger the bonus spins at any time by matching the bonus symbols again on the first three reels – and the free spins keep stacking, up to 999! Even better, every free spin has a guaranteed win so the more free spins you can land, the higher your payout is going to be.

If you want to boogie on down with the King of the Nile, then head over to play the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine at LadyLucks Casino. This pyramid will keep on rocking all night long – and if you get those free spins, then the payouts can keep on coming!

Game Details
Paylines 15
Min bet 15p
Max bet £150
RTP 96.53%