Pixies of the forest

Whether you’re a lover of all things fairy, or just a fan of immersive and gorgeous slot games then Pixies of the Forest is the slot for you. Take a look below for our detailed review.

Feel the gentle embrace of the pixies in ‘Pixies of the Forest’

Pixies, for those who don’t know, are mischievous mythical creatures from folklore, which generally live in the moorland areas around Devon and Cornwall. Some suggest that these fairies are of Celtic origin and have appeared in various forms of media over the last few centuries. While some might say otherwise, these lovable beings have kept children entertained for many years.

Pixies of the Forest then, is a slot based solely around these creatures. With five reels and 33 paylines (an odd number for a slot), along with a minimum and maximum bet of 33p and £165 respectively, this game is perfect for both casuals and high rollers. Most of all though, it’s a game that all fantasy lovers are going to fall in love with.

If we’ve already said enough then get started with this gorgeous slot from your mobile, otherwise read below for more information.

One of the most beautiful slots on the internet

Screenshot of Pixies of the Forest

Being a pixie-themed game, it’s based unsurprisingly in the forest. Admittedly, this is one of the most beautiful slots we’ve seen on the market, with a hyper-realistic background that feels like you’re walking straight into a forest full of mythical beings. Sat firmly in the middle of this gorgeous background are the reels, and just below is the spin button which activates the game.

In terms of symbols, this game features three beautiful pixies; the purple, brunette and blond fairy each respectively paying 1000, 400 and 150 coins for matching five. You then have the generic A, K and Q symbols that pay 40, 30 and 25.

The wild symbol in Pixies of the Forest is easy to find with the word emblazoned on it. This replaces any symbol in the game, apart from the bonus symbol, which follows the same format featuring the word ‘bonus’. Land three of these and you’ll trigger the bonus round, which will ask you to click a ‘choose’ symbol, which determines how many free spins you are awarded.

Finally, Pixies of the Forest is a ‘tumbling reels’ game, which isn’t ‘spun’ but instead symbols fall from the top, landing in an almost Tetris-style. If you manage to land combinations the symbols involved will disappear and further symbols will be added until all wins are completed. This can result in an endless stream of wins.

  • Why you'll love it:

  • starsPopular Tumbling Reels feature: win again and again from the same spin
  • starsPopular Tumbling Reels feature: win again and again from the same spin
  • starsFrequent pays keeps the magic alive

Game Details
Paylines 33
Min bet 33p
Max bet £165
RTP 93.00%