Double Bonus Poker Mobile Slot

Game King’s™ Double Bonus Poker – part of the world’s most popular range of video poker games — has made its way to LadyLucks Casino and can now be played on your mobile and tablet.

Double Bonus Poker by Game King™: Jackpot video poker for your mobile!

Paying out 160x your stake for landing four of a kind aces, a maximum jackpot multiplier of 800x for all royal flushes and double the top-prize of Game King’s™ Bonus Poker, switching today could be the best thing you do. When it comes to games of poker, there’s one thing on your mind – the payout. With Double Bonus Poker, you can enjoy a return to player rate (RTP) of 99.10 percent – it really doesn’t get much better than that. It’s one of the best RTPs around, so it’s no wonder players are flocking to experience this game.

Are you an all-in type of player, or do you play with more caution? Are you a poker champion or do you want to get to know the game better? Whatever your reason for playing poker, Double Bonus Poker is the game for you. All types of players will have their needs met: the minimum bet for this game is as little as 10p, so anyone can try their hand! If you’re a more serious player, who is here to make the most of that amazing RTP, then you can bet as much as £200. It doesn’t get much better than enjoying one of your favourite games, on your mobile or tablet, for as little as 10p!

How to play Double Bonus Poker

The aim in Video Poker is to build the best hand possible. Much like World Series of Poker (WSOP) or tournament poker, the best strategy available to you is to aim for the hands of higher values – essentially, aim for a royal flush to get the best possible return.

Each hand is valued according to their worth in regular poker. Pairs (jacks or better only count in Double Bonus Poker) and two pairs will pay your stake back. Three of a kind, straight and a flush will pay much more generously, while the big prizes are reserved for four of a kind, straight, flush, or royal flush.

See below for a detailed list of payouts in Double Bonus Poker:

• Royal Flush: 800x (your stake)
• Straight flush: 50x
• Four aces: 160x
• Three 2s, 3s or 4s + ace: 80x
• Three 5s to kings + ace: 45x
• Full House: 10x
• Flush: 7x
• Straight: 5x
• Three of a kind: 3x
• Two pair: 1x
• Pair (jacks or better): 1x

There are two rounds in video poker: the initial deal and the second deal. In the first round you will be dealt five cards and from there you can hold, or burn cards.

Once you’ve decided the cards that are to be held, others are re-shuffled and new cards are added to the deck, replacing the ones that you have opted to burn.

If you have created any of the poker hands above you will be rewarded the respective payout.

Game Details
Min bet 10p
Max bet 200
RTP 99.10%