100,000 Pyramid

Get ready to climb the 100k Pyramid Slot

For the thousands of fans that remember the hit TV show Pyramid, we’ve got great news – it’s back! In a sequel to the much-loved 50,000 Pyramid slot, IGT have gone one better, with a new slot that boasts a 100,000 payline jackpot. Add in some great images, big bonuses and simple game-play and it’s easy to see why this slot is a winner with all our players.

100k Pyramid comes with five reels and 15 paylines, which falls in line with a wide-range of slots available on our tab.  Whether you’re seeking a fun way to kill some time and don’t fancy investing too much money, then you can bet from as little as 1p. On the other hand, if the prospect of the huge payouts has enticed you, then flash some cash and go for £30 a spin.

Make your way to the Winners Circle!

Screenshot of the game: The 100,000 Pyramid
As you would expect from a slot with such a big payout, there are many great symbols that will create winning combinations. The paytable is located at the bottom of the slot – select that and you will get all the info you need; from the value of each combination to the details of the bonus rounds. They all fit in well with the theme: with sparkling watches, sports cars and huge TVs, you are spinning in the lap of luxury. However, the symbols that you want are the pyramids full of gold, and if you land all five you will trigger the game’s amazing jackpot.

You may think that the chance to win a 100,000 coin jackpot from one payline is enough incentive to play – but don’t fear, this slot has plenty more to offer. If you manage to land three or more ‘winners circle’ symbols on any of reels you will be transported to the lucrative ‘winners circle’, where the fun really begins. The aim is to climb the pyramid, starting off with two free spins, with a vast array of amazing prizes ahead of you. However, how far you travel up the pyramid is completely down to you. With five blocks to pick from as you journey upwards, fate rests firmly in your hands. 100,000 Pyramid comes with a number of multipliers and free spins as bonuses, and if you play this slot right, you could end up with 36 free spins and a 9x multiplier.

100,000 Pyramid boasts a 95.03% return to player percentage which is relatively high, and obviously works well for all slots fans. Overall, this is a great slot that offers a mix of entertainment and great payouts. From modern graphics that recreate the hit show, bonuses that will get you involved and big prizes, 100,000 Pyramid has it all.

Game Details
Paylines 15
Min bet 1p
Max bet £30
RTP 95.03%