Cleopatra Plus Mobile Slot

As one of the most successful slot machine series of all time, Cleopatra is one of IGT’s flagship series. Cleopatra Plus slot machines are the company’s latest offering and carry on their tradition of making beautiful slots with consistent theming that are sure to entice any player. Come and discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt like you’ve never seen them before…

It all adds up with Cleopatra Plus

One of the most obvious changes is the new and improved graphics of Cleopatra Plus. The slot takes a classic slot machine format, with five reels and three rows showing 15 symbols at a time. There are 40 paylines to play on, providing ample choice without breaking the bank for every spin.

The generic slot symbols appear as bejeweled letters and numbers, glowing in the hot desert sun. Fans, ankhs and representations of gods all appear in this slot machine alongside scarab beetles and the all-seeing Eye of Horus. In the background, the great Pyramids of Giza loom which adds to the atmosphere and aesthetic.

Dive into the awesome features

Screenshot from game: Cleopatra Plus
Cleopatra Plus is trying its best to revolutionise the slot machine game the same way its namesake did all those years ago. There’s a whole host of bonus features in this game – from the obvious and expected, to the unique and totally innovative.

Let’s start with the more obvious ones: the Cleopatra Plus symbol is the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh herself and she serves as the wild symbol. As a wild, it will substitute for any symbols except the Golden Pharaohs and will double the value of any payline she appears in. As well as that, it can turn up stacked, appearing in groups of two, three, six or even ten at once!

The most exciting feature that Cleopatra Plus has is a leveling up system. Level Up Plus lets players gain levels through successfully playing the game. The more times you spin the reel, the faster you’ll level up. You can also collect map bonuses through collecting golden Pharaoh symbols: anytime one appears, it’ll be added to your count in the top right. When this reaches its target, a new bonus map will become available and can bump up your bonuses.

Three or more golden Pharaohs appearing anywhere triggers the Cleopatra scatter bonus. Activating this bonus lets you select a realm, then you can place followers there as well as claiming five free spins. Every follower you put down earns you a bonus feature which improves your free spins – such as multipliers, more free spins or instant bonuses. The more maps you unlock and the higher your level, the more bonuses you’ll get. After placing your followers on the maps, the bonus rounds appear in earnest.

With more new features than you could shake a snake at, Cleopatra Plus is an exciting and vibrant game! Not only is it a solid addition to the Cleopatra line of slots, but it’s also a great game in its own right that is sure to give you plenty of tense, thrilling moments.

Game Details
Paylines 40
Min bet 40p
Max bet £200
RTP 96.50%