Best slots with bonus

best slots with bonus
Jun 17, 2024
Written by Marco

Craving casino thrills that go beyond just spinning reels? Bonus slots offer a dynamic adventure packed with free spins, explosive multipliers, and bonus rounds that can boost your wins – potentially changing your life! But before you dive in, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate these exciting games. We’ll explore different bonus features, how to potentially trigger them, and unveil strategies to maximize your enjoyment (and payouts!) on your bonus slot journey. Let’s unlock the secrets to a thrilling and potentially rewarding casino experience!🥰

What Makes a Bonus Slot Great?

Each spin is a story, and every outcome is a chance to win big. Our best slots with bonus are not just games; they’re epic tales of luck, skill, and fortune waiting to unfold.

Engaging Slots with Bonus Rounds

Unlock the thrill of chance with our best bonus slot machines, where every spin promises a surge of excitement. Our bonus rounds are more than just a game within a game; they’re a gateway to a world of potential winnings and unexpected twists. With immersive themes and interactive gameplay, each round is designed to heighten your senses and elevate your gaming experience.

Variety of Bonus Features

Diversity is the spice of life, and our bonus slots are seasoned to perfection. From free spins to multipliers, cascading reels to pick-and-win features, the variety is endless. Each slot is a new adventure, with unique bonuses that not only add to the fun but also increase your chances of hitting it big. Step into a universe where every feature is an opportunity for reward.

Popular Slot Games with Bonus Rounds

Ready to explore the electrifying world of the best bonus slot machine? Buckle up, because we’re about to unveil a treasure trove of games that cater to every player’s preference.

🔝Name🖐️Theme🦅Volatility🤩Bonus Features
StarburstClassic Fruit MachineLowExpanding Wilds, Win-Both-Ways mechanic
Mega MoolahProgressive JackpotMedium Free Spins with Multiplier (Progressive Jackpot Chance)
Gonzo’s QuestCinematic AdventureHighCascading Reels, Avalanche Wins, Free Spins with Multipliers
CleopatraAncient EgyptHighExpanding Wilds, Free Spins with Multipliers, Pick-Me Bonus
Aloha! Cluster PaysHawaiiLowCluster Pays™ mechanic, Sticky Win Re-Spins, Substitution symbols, and Free Spins with a Symbol Drop feature.
Finn and the Swirly SpinFantasyLowWild Symbol, a Free Rounds Key, 4 different types of Free Rounds, and a Random Feature with 4 variations

Starburst (RTP 96,1 % – low volatility)

Looking for a user-friendly slot with exciting bonus features? Look no further than Starburst! This popular game combines the nostalgic charm of classic fruit machines with stunning visuals and innovative mechanics. Here’s what makes Starburst a favorite among players:

  • Expanding Starburst Wilds: Land a Starburst symbol and watch it expand to fill the entire reel, triggering a re-spin for potentially explosive wins.
  • Win Both Ways: Unlike traditional slots, Starburst pays winning combinations from left to right and right to left. This doubles your chances of scoring a payout, making gameplay more exciting and potentially more rewarding.
  • Simple Gameplay: Starburst features a straightforward layout with just 5 reels and 10 paylines. This makes it easy for beginners to jump in and enjoy the action, while still offering enough variety for seasoned players.
Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah (RTP 93.42% – medium volatility)

Craving the ultimate jackpot thrill? Progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah are legendary for their life-changing potential. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Many progressive slots also boast bonus features that can significantly boost your wins:

  • Supercharged Free Spins: Imagine triggering a free spin round where every spin holds the potential to land a multi-million dollar jackpot. This adds an extra layer of excitement and keeps the gameplay dynamic.
  • Multipliers on Fire: Some progressive jackpots offer bonus rounds with multipliers that can significantly increase your winnings. Look for games that combine progressive jackpots with multiplier features for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
  • Variety is Key: Not all progressive jackpots are created equal. Explore different games to find ones that offer bonus features you enjoy, such as free spins with multipliers or interactive bonus rounds.

Gonzo’s Quest (RTP 95,77% – high volatility)

Gone are the days of monotonous slot machines. Feature-rich video slots like Gonzo’s Quest offer an immersive cinematic experience packed with:

  • Thrilling Bonus Rounds: Unleash hidden features like free spins with multipliers, interactive challenges, and unique bonus games that go beyond just spinning reels.
  • Cascading Wins and Avalanches: Forget static symbols! These games feature cascading reels where winning symbols disappear, triggering exciting chain reactions and potential for even bigger wins.
  • Stunning Visuals and Immersive Stories: Dive into captivating storylines with high-definition graphics that transport you to new worlds and keep you engaged for hours.

Cleopatra (RTP 95.0% – high Volatility)

Unleash the riches of ancient Egypt with Cleopatra, a feature-packed video slot brimming with excitement. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Expanding Wild Wins: Witness the power of the majestic Cleopatra symbol transform into a towering Wild, filling the entire reel and potentially triggering explosive wins.
  • Supercharged Free Spins: Unearth hidden treasures with the Free Spins bonus round, where every spin gets a multiplier boost to supercharge your payouts.
  • Pick-Me Bonus Challenge: Test your luck in the captivating Pick-Me bonus round. Choose from a selection of golden scarabs, each concealing a mystery prize – instant cash, additional free spins, or even a chance to multiply your winnings!
cleopatra best slot with bonus

Aloha! Cluster Pays  (96.42% – Low Volatility)

Escape to a Hawaiian paradise with Aloha! Cluster Pays at VegasWins. This unique slot abandons traditional paylines and embraces clusters for wins, creating a refreshing gaming experience. With 150 spins, immerse yourself in a tropical journey filled with soothing sounds, Tiki symbols, and the chance to trigger massive rewards. Aloha! Cluster Pays is your ticket to an island of fun and fortune.

Finn and the Swirly Spin  (96.62% – Low Volatility)

Join the magical leprechaun Finn on his quest for gold in Finn and the Swirly Spin at VegasWins. This enchanting slot takes you through a spiral of spins, with innovative mechanics and charming animations. With 150 spins to use, players can explore various whimsical features and bonuses that make every spin a new discovery. Don’t miss out on this spellbinding slot experience at VegasWins.

Finding the Best Slots with Bonus for You

Not all bonus slots are created equal!  To discover the perfect game that aligns with your preferences, consider the following! 😊

Consider Your Play Style

  • High Rollers: Craving high stakes and potentially life-changing wins? Progressive jackpots with bonus features like Mega Moolah might be your calling card. Just remember, these games come with higher volatility, meaning wins may be less frequent but potentially more rewarding.
  • Casual Players:  Looking for a more relaxed gaming experience with frequent wins? Opt for slots with a lower volatility like Starburst. These games offer a steady stream of smaller wins and exciting bonus features to keep you entertained without breaking the bank.  

Explore Different Themes and Features

  • Dive into Diverse Worlds: From the glittering sands of ancient Egypt to the neon lights of a futuristic cityscape, the world of bonus slots offers a theme for every mood. Explore games with captivating storylines and stunning visuals that transport you to new and exciting worlds.
  • Embrace the Bounty of Bonus Features: The more features, the merrier! Look for slots with a diverse range of bonus features beyond just free spins.  Expanding Wilds, cascading reels, pick-me bonus rounds, and interactive challenges are just a few examples that can keep the gameplay exciting and the wins rolling in.

Check Online Reviews and Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it! Before diving into a new game, take some time to read online reviews and ratings from other players. This can give you valuable insights into the gameplay experience, bonus features, and overall feel of the slot. 

Responsible Slot Gaming Tips

Remember, the best bonus slot machines are all about entertainment, and to keep it that way, here are some responsible gaming tips to follow:

  • Set a Budget and Stick to It: Before you hit the spin button, establish a clear budget for your gaming session and stick to it religiously.  Only play with money you can afford to lose, and never chase losses by exceeding your budget. 
  • Focus on Entertainment, Not Winnings: While winning is always exciting, the true heart of bonus slots lies in the fun and entertainment they provide. Approach each game with the mindset of enjoying the experience, the bonus features, and the thrill of the spin. Don’t get caught up in the chase for winnings, as this can lead to unhealthy gambling habits.
  • Choose Licensed and Reputable Casinos: Always play at licensed and reputable online casinos that prioritise fair play and responsible gambling practices. These casinos will offer tools to help you manage your gameplay, such as deposit limits and self-exclusion options.  Look for casinos with clear licensing information and positive reviews from trusted sources. 

Tired to wait for the bonus? Buy Bonus slot!


The world of bonus slots beckons with dazzling visuals, electrifying features, and the potential for life-changing wins.  This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to navigate this exciting landscape and discover the perfect game to match your preferences.  Remember, prioritise responsible gaming by setting a budget, focusing on entertainment, and choosing reputable casinos. 

Now, buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure! Explore diverse themes, delve into a bounty of bonus features, and experience the thrill of the spin.  With a little planning and a focus on responsible gaming, bonus slot machine can be a source of endless entertainment and, who knows, maybe even a touch of lucky fortune!🤩

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Common questions about Best Slots with Bonus Features: A Guide for Slot Enthusiasts
What makes a bonus slot so great?
Bonus slots take regular slots to the next level! They offer exciting features like free spins with multipliers, pick-me bonus rounds, and even the chance to win life-changing jackpots. Plus, stunning visuals and diverse themes keep things interesting.
How do I find the right bonus slot for me?
Consider your play style! High rollers might enjoy progressive jackpots, while casual players might prefer low-volatility slots with frequent wins. Explore different themes and features to find a game that speaks to you. Online reviews can also offer valuable insights.
Are there any risks involved in playing bonus slots?
Yes, gambling always carries risk. Set a budget and stick to it! Focus on the fun and entertainment, not just the potential for winnings. Choose licensed and reputable casinos that prioritize responsible gambling practices.
What are some popular bonus slots I can try?
There are tons of amazing options! Classics like Starburst offer a simple yet rewarding experience. Gonzo's Quest boasts stunning visuals and innovative avalanche reels. For a shot at life-changing wins, explore progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah.