Lovely Lolly Mobile Slot

Ideal for those with a taste for sweets and treats, Lovely Lolly is comparable to an explosion at a sweet shop. It’s colourful, mesmerising and guaranteed to raise your blood sugar levels through the roof. Lovely Lolly is not just about candy though – with plenty of prizes on offer, along with an awesome free spins bonus, there’s plenty to get involved with.

Bag some sweet, sweet money in Lovely Lolly

A game primarily designed for mobile, this candy-themed slot brings together the love of all things sweet into a game that’s almost a mix between Candy Crush and a children’s TV show. Light-hearted and easy to play, Lovely Lolly is one of the most laid-back slots on the web.

With five reels and 25 paylines, this slot by Halley has the potential to keep those with a sweet tooth at bay. With a minimum bet of 10p and a max bet of £25, this slot won’t really entice the big-time game players. Instead, it’s more for the casual players who enjoy the thrill of slots gaming while aiming to play within a set budget.

If that’s everything you need to know about Lovely Lolly then you can access the game from your mobile, otherwise read below for our review.

Land the progressive jackpot for a chance to win big!

First of all we better mention the progressive jackpot, which is triggered by landing five ‘sweet girl’ symbols on any payline. Being a jackpot that accumulates over a set period of time, it can be won at a moment’s notice. So, if you’re looking for the big win, you better not waste any time.

Being a mobile slot, Lovely Lolly doesn’t try to do too much. While you might think that’s not great news – think about it. There’s only so much you can fit on a mobile screen and so ultimately, less is more. The background has an almost ‘Wizard of Oz’ feel, with the yellow brick road running throughout the middle. The trees have a candy-like appearance, and there seems to be a candy castle in the background; what’s not to love?

The reels sit firmly towards the top of the screen with the ability to select the amount of lines and total bet at the bottom. Here you have the decision to play with up to 25 lines, although you can always opt for one. In regards to the symbols you have everything candy-related from sugarcanes, to bon-bons and even cakes. The ‘twister’ ice-cream also makes an appearance, alongside a mint-green Mr. Whippy – exactly what you would expect from this kind of game.

In terms of bonus features, if you land three or more cake symbols you’ll get five bonus spins, where prizes are multiplied up to five times. Not a bad bonus from such a playful slot.

Game Details
Paylines 25
Min bet 10p
Max bet £25
RTP 90.92%