Hot Roll Super Times Pay Mobile Slot

Given the range of slots that are available to play online, you must look for something different to entice you to play, and Hot Roll Super Times Pay has exactly that. There are bonuses galore that will leave all types of players entertained for hours.

Scorching prizes up for grabs with this slot

About the slot itself – it is unusual in the sense that it only has three reels, compared to the five that IGT games normally have. However, that doesn’t affect the paylines, as there are still 20 ways to win.

As you would expect, the images on this page are very bright and colourful to reflect the theme, most notably some dice that are red-hot on fire. As well as that, you are also treated to the classic. Arrows sing ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’ during one of the bonus rounds: what a great addition! The catchy number is sure to put a smile on your face.

Plus this slot is open to all types of players. With the minimum bet coming in at just 1p per line, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t be playing it. The fun theme combined with the cheap initial stake makes this game a real hit with all the new players who are looking to try out the slots.

Yet if you want to make a bigger impact and raise the stakes, the maximum bet is £200. When we detail the bonuses that are in store for you, increasing your bets might be a real possibility.

Avoid the ‘lucky’ number seven

Screenshot of the game: Hot Rolls Super Times Pay

The first standout bonus – and perhaps the best element of this slot – are the Wild Multipliers. They occur on any regular spin and can boost your winnings hugely. There are 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x multipliers that are available as symbols and if you hit the winning combinations, you have that win multiplied. Not bad.

But, there’s more. The ‘hot roll’ symbol will trigger another bonus and this will be all on you. Two dice will appear on screen and you will get the chance to press and roll them. You will then receive a multiplier ranging between 2x and 10x which depends on the score rolled.

Although, there’s a twist, because if you get a combination worth seven, the bonus ends. If that occurs on the first roll, you will get a 7x multiplier then it ends, but after the first roll it ends immediately. If you don’t get a seven however, you keep rolling, and you do so until you land a seven. So, what a way to build your pot – just avoid that now unlucky number.

Overall, Hot Roll Super Times Pay may sound like a mouthful, but as you can see it is an excellent slot, and what’s more the RTP ranges up to 96.07%. Clearly the standout aspects are the two bonus features that can return some major wins. Enjoy.

  • Why you'll love it:

  • stars3-reel stepper
  • starsMassive win potential with 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x Wild Multiplier symbols
  • starsStacks of Wild Multiplier symbols on the centre reel
  • starsThrow the dice in the Hot Roll Bonus
  • starsKeep rolling the dice and racking up wins, until you roll a 7

Game Details
Paylines 20
Min bet 1p
Max bet £200
RTP 93.50%