Tokidoki Lucky Town

Whether you are a fan of all things Japanese, a lover of anime, or just searching for a truly entertaining slot, Tokidoki Lucky Town’s cuteness will have you feeling warm and fuzzy inside throughout winter.

Enter the hilarious world of Tokidoki Lucky Town!

We’re not sure what will get you first; the rainbow unicorns or the adorable girls whirling around the screen — Tokidoki Lucky Town is just too adorable to handle. Feelings aside, this slot might look nice on the outside, but it still packs a mean punch when it comes to bonuses and big payouts.

First thing we notice are the 50 paylines on offer, which is a little higher than regular online slots and provides you with plenty of ways to win.

Along with this Tokidoki Lucky Town comes with a minimum bet of 60p, alongside a maximum bet of £180 — making this slot ideal for both amateurs and highrollers. Either way, if you’re pinching the pennies searching for great-value slots action, or looking to win big, you can do both with Tokidoki Lucky Town.

If we’ve said enough to entice you then access the game from your mobile, otherwise you will find more information on this slot below.

Introducing the revolutionary ‘reel reveal’ feature!

Screenshot of: Tokidoki - Lucky Town
Before we go into detail about the reel reveal feature, let’s take a look at the appearance of Tokidoki Lucky Town.

The First thing you notice is that it’s all in cartoon format, which is a refreshing change to the same old slots template we are all used to. You will find the spin button, along with your balance and the opportunity to change your stake along the brick wall at the bottom of the screen.

Tokodoki’s background is full to the brim with playful caricatures of important monuments, such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, along with a whole host of cutesy Japanese-inspired characters. While the majority of the playful characters don’t appear in the slot, a few of the stars appear towards the bottom.

In terms of the symbols involved, you have a number of girls in animal onesies: the cow-girl, the cactus-girl and the monkey-girl, with doughnuts in her ears. These pay between 200 to 100 coins respectively. Then you have the higher-value symbols, such as the heart and crossbones (also the wild symbol) and unicorn, each paying 500 and 300 coins in the same order. Land the 2x wild symbol and all wins will be doubled.

The bonus symbol is the spin-table, and this activates the reel reveal feature. This symbol only appears on reels five and shifts one reel to the left after each ‘reel reveal’ spin, introducing a new reel with a brand new feature (extra wilds, double value symbols etc.) Ultimately, this means you’re getting five free spins alongside a specialised reel-set.

Game Details
Paylines 40
Min bet 60p
Max bet £180
RTP 93.57%