Reel Rush

3125 – that’s how many total paylines are available in the Reel Rush online slot. That should be enough to grab your attention, but if you’re still on the fence about playing, check out the unique set up of this game where 12 positions on the reels remain concealed, until you land a winning payline and unlock opportunities for huge wins!

Something Different

Before we get into the game details, let’s take a second to appreciate this wonderful homage to Nintendo’s Mario World. This slot has got us feeling seriously nostalgic! Rounded forms, the trees forming the backdrop and the star shaped wild all look very familiar… NetEnt has graced us with countless remarkable slots over the years. After so many successes, it comes as little surprise they felt confident enough to experiment a little. Reel Rush is a different and innovative online video slot that offers a completely non-traditional approach to playing. With an entirely unique format and features that cannot be found in any other game, the Reel Rush online slot is a one of a kind concept. Many players will embrace this creativity, while others may not have the patience to enjoy the game to the fullest extent.

Six colourful fruits and five candy drops fill the five reels and look so delicious, you’ll have to stop yourself from licking the screen! At the beginning of every spin, 12 icons remain hidden behind R symbols and only 13 symbols are visible on the reels. At this point in the Reel Rush online slot, there are 45 paylines available. With each win, two of the R symbols are unlocked and with each consecutive win, two more Rs are removed, revealing more of the reels and constantly increasing your chances of winning in the next spin. There are 135 paylines after the first win, 405 paylines after the second win, the third win has 675 paylines, the fourth win has 1125 paylines and the fifth win enables an incredible 1875 paylines! If you fail to land a win, the screen will revert to the starting set-up.

3125 Ways to Win!

Reel Rush almost plays as one giant bonus game, but actually only has one special feature. A row of stars above the reels can be used to keep track of your wins. Once you fill in five stars, you will be awarded eight extra spins. The whole board is open during these spins and there are an astounding 3125 ways in which you can win in the Reel Rush online slot. That’s actually the entire game, although don’t let the lack of features be discouraging!

The game’s design was intended specifically for mobile devices, but you can also play Reel Rush online using your PC or tablet.

The Reel Rush online slot is a totally enchanting game with a funky retro vibe – honestly, the whole thing looks like it was pulled straight out of the 80s or 90s! Extra spins happen frequently and wins are generally lucrative, however, this is essentially an all-or-nothing game; a bad run can make you down on your luck, but a good run can rapidly “grow” your bank account!

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