Mega Jackpots Isle O’Plenty

The Irish have notoriously good luck, but why let them keep it all for themselves? In the Mega Jackpot Isle O’ Plenty slot, the Emerald Isle is home to all the lucky charms and riches you could ever want, but it’s up to you to find it! Can you beat the odds and win the Mega Jackpot?

Find pots of gold in the Mega Jackpot Isle O’ Plenty

Based around Ireland and traditional Irish folklore, the Isle O’ Plenty slot is bright and cartoonish which makes it visually enjoyable and pleasure to play. The symbols on offer transport you to a verdant paradise and the format is instantly easy to understand. The slot has a classic five-reel format, but each reel has four visible rows rather than the standard three. This means there are 20 individual symbols on show at any given time, which in turn are connected to 40 different paylines! Play all 40 of them for more chances to win.

All of the symbols which show up have a consistent theme, making the slot very appealing. It’s set in a field full of clovers, and hopefully they’ll impart a little luck on you. Spin the reels to see pots of gold, cheeky leprechauns and ancient knotted trees appear before you. The pink-and-red wild symbols can replace any of the other symbols to help you get payouts, while the top prize comes from finding four Mega Jackpot symbols on the centre column.

Boost your luck with bonus features

Here you can see a snapshot of the game: MegaJackpots Isle O'Plenty

There are four extra features on offer in Isle O’ Plenty, each of which is guaranteed to give you whole new ways to enjoy this amusing online slot machine. The first and most obvious feature, is the Mega Jackpot prize on offer: landing the winning combination pays out a progressive Mega Jackpot win, which can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds!

The top prize can be won in three different ways: through matching four symbols in the base game, getting four symbols in the free spin bonus, or using the behind-the-scenes Second Chance draw after each game to give it a go – and the higher you bet, the better your odds are.

As ever with an IGT slot, there are ways to trigger the Free Spin Bonus. In Isle O’ Plenty, you land the bonus symbols (represented by a lighthouse) in the centre column to get bonus free spins. Two lighthouses give you six free spins, three gives you 12 free spins, and four will net you a cool 24 free spins. These free spins can also be triggered and re-triggered on the bonus spins, allowing for a maximum of 240 free spins.

Free spins come with a little extra help though: the Leprechaun Magic feature means that the top line of all your bonus spins will have at least one Wild symbol, and you could even get a Mega Jackpots symbol! This helping hand means you’re more likely to trigger Wild Rush, and even get the Mega Jackpot.

Another nifty feature is the Wild Rush aspect, where wild symbols spawn additional wilds. Whenever one wild symbol shows up on a reel, it increases the chance of more appearing immediately – potentially covering entire columns with wild symbols, increasing the chance of getting payouts across multiple paylines.

If you’re looking for a game that promises to reward your good luck, then Isle O’ Plenty is for you. It’s crammed full of bonus features, charming graphics, and offers you a shot at getting one of the biggest jackpots around!

  • Why you'll love it:

  • starsFree Spins Bonus can be retriggered multiple times for up to an additional 8, 16, or 24 free spins
  • starsJackpot can be won on any spin, including the free spins

Game Details
Paylines 60
Min bet 60p
Max bet £300
RTP 89.00%