Blackjack terms you must know

The Blackjack Terms you need to know

Oct 13, 2020
Written by Philippe

Insurance, push and insurance confusing you at the blackjack table? Fret not. This simple guide will explain all the blackjack terms, one of the world most popular casino game

If you want the bright lights of the slots, we can recommend many of them, but for some of you it’s all about the traditional table games – and blackjack in particular.

Everyone who has played will know that mobile blackjack is a great game.

Whether it’s the tension as you wait to see what the dealer turns over, or the decision making when you must decide to stick or twist, it is thrilling.

Your guide for all Blackjack Terms

Blackjack terms

The game itself is easy to play, it’s you versus the dealer and the closest to score 21 wins, score more that that, and you loose,  simple.

However, what isn’t as easy to grasp are all the blackjack terms that are used, especially if you’re a novice.

Well don’t worry, once you’ve read this, you’ll be all clued up and ready to hold your own on the fantastic blackjack tables that online casinos offer.

Here’s what to look out for :

  • Blackjack – The name of the game, and it’s known for when you get 21 from your first two cards. This requires an ace, worth 11, and any face card or a 10.
  • Bust – Never a good sign, as this means you have gone over 21 and automatically lost.
  • Double or Double Down – After receiving your initial hand, a player can decide to place another bet equal to your first bet, and draw one extra card.
  • Hit – If you hit, that means you get another card, and you can keep going until you’re happy with what you’ve got, or you bust.
  • Insurance – The dealer will only show one of his two cards, but if it is an ace you have the option of insurance. It is a side bet of half the value and if the dealer has blackjack, that bet will win and you will get your initial wager back. If he doesn’t, you lose that second wager.
  • Push – It can often be the case that the player and the dealer have the same value when the cards are revealed, and if you do draw, it’s called a push and both stakes are returned.
  • Split – Should you be dealt two of the same cards you can split them into two separate bets, which will double your initial stake, but it can be a wise move.
  • Stand – When you are happy with your cards and don’t want anymore, you will stand and wait for the game to be played out.

So, there you have it, some of the key blackjack terms that you need to look out for. You’ll pick them up as you go along but this should help you in the meantime. Now, get playing and good luck.

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