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What is Tracksino?

Tracksino is a new tool developed to help live casino players find live statistics and plan their casino bets. The tool was created in 2020 and currently only gives information on games produced by Evolution Gaming software, though they claim that they have plans to grow their repertoire in the future. Its key features include: checking live casino game stats, including crazy game stats, watch the games live, and get information on biggest wins, leaderboards and RTPs. With the growth of live casino games, casino fairness and real time statistics is key. This is why the web-based tool Traksino is a very useful tool for keen live casino players to up their game, study probabilities and test out their different strategies.

How useful is Tracksino?

Full list of games covered by Tracksino: Dream Catcher, Monopoly Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, Lightning Roulette, and Lightning Dice.

✅ Pros ❌ Cons
Free and accessible worldwide Limited games (Evolution Gaming only)
No registration needed No mobile app
Live stats and RTPs 30 days historical data only
Covers key games including Crazy Time, Lighting Roulette and Live monopoly Lots of pop ups on site
Other features include leaderboards, simulators, and information about live dealers
We recommend checking out Tracksino crazy time stats and tracksino monopoly!
Tracksino is a web-based tool, meaning that users can access its features without the need for any downloads or installations, but directly accessible online through your browser:

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Punters are also using AI tools like ChatGPT to help them place their bets. Find out how ChatGPT can help gamblers.

Tracksino stats: improve Online Casino Gaming with Data-Driven Strategies

tracksino crazy time stats
Tracksino’s open data approach can empower your live casino play by helping you refine your strategy. Tracksino offers several features designed to provide valuable insights and data-driven strategies to improve players’ experience of live casino gaming. Here’s a list of the features offered by Traksino:
  1. Game Results Tracking: Tracksino is primarily designed to track game results in real-time. It records the outcomes of each round in popular Evolution Live Casino Games.
  2. Historical Game Data: One of its standout features is the ability to access historical game data, going back as far as 1 month. Using this data, players can analyse trends and patterns for specific games.
  3. Real-Time Statistics: Tracksino provides real-time statistics, offering insights into the current state of the game. This information helps players make informed betting decisions.
  4. Watch casino games live: You can follow a game live and watch, for example, the current round of Dream Catcher live or watch Crazy Time live
  5. Results Calculator: The Results Calculator assists players in analysing past results. It allows users to input specific data and calculate potential outcomes based on their betting strategies.
  6. Emulator: The Emulator is another tool provided by Tracksino, allowing players to simulate different playing strategies using data from previous game results. This feature is particularly useful for testing and refining betting strategies.
  7. Return to Player (RTP) Ratings: Tracksino aims to level the playing field by providing RTP ratings. This information helps players understand the expected returns for specific bets and strategies in real-time.
  8. Success Projections: In addition to RTP ratings, Tracksino offers success projections. It compares actual game results with real-time stats, helping users make more informed decisions about their bets.
  9. Fairness Verification: Tracksino serves as a tool for verifying the fairness of live casino games. By providing comprehensive data and insights, it ensures players have a clear picture of what’s happening during live gameplay.
  10. Dealer Information: For some games, Tracksino may offer data on live dealers. This information can be useful for understanding dealer tendencies and making strategic decisions based on dealer behavior.
    These features collectively make Tracksino a comprehensive tool for online casino players, offering the means to study game results, analyse strategies, and make more informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, Tracksino’s features and statistiques can provide valuable insights and data-driven strategies to improve your chances of success.

Crazy time stats and other games

Here’s a summary of how Tracksino’s casino tracker can help you play different live casino games:
Crazy Time Discover multipliers and successful betting strategies.
Monopoly Live Analyse the most frequently rolled numbers, dice outcomes, and multipliers
Deal or No Deal Predict roll results and devising strategies to outsmart the banker.
Lightning Roulette Track number frequencies and identifying profitable bets
Dream Catcher Review dealer statistics and identifying successful multipliers
Different ways to track casino for better game outcomes

Track casino Crazy Time

Here’s a step by step example of how to use Traksino for Crazy Time.

Casino tracker: uses of Tracksino to track different live casino games

Step 1: Access Tracksino Open Tracksino on your browser and select Crazy Time from the homepage of supported games Step 2: View Statistics Once you’ve entered the Crazy Time section, you’ll see a variety of statistics and information related to the game. Here’s what you can look for:

Multiplier Stats: Tracksino may display data about the multipliers used in Crazy Time. You can see which multipliers have been landing more frequently in recent games. This information can help you determine when it might be a good time to place bets.

Winning Strategies: Tracksino may offer insights into successful betting strategies based on past results. For example, it could provide information on whether betting on specific bonus rounds or particular segments of the wheel has been more profitable.

Dealer Information: Some tools may provide data about the live dealers. Understanding dealer tendencies can help you make strategic decisions. For instance, you might notice that a particular dealer tends to spin the wheel in a way that leads to higher multipliers.

Step 4: Plan Your Bets Based on the statistics and insights provided by Tracksino, you can plan your bets. For example:
    • If you see that certain multipliers have been landing frequently, you might decide to place bets when those multipliers are in play.
    • If Tracksino suggests a particular betting strategy that has been successful in the past, you can try using it in your own gameplay.
    • If you’ve noticed that a specific dealer tends to produce favorable outcomes, you can factor this into your betting decisions.
Step 5: Monitoring and Adjusting As you play Crazy Time, you can keep Tracksino open in a separate tab or on a different device to monitor real-time game results and adjust your bets accordingly. Keep referring to the statistics and insights provided to inform your betting decisions. Step 6: Testing Strategies with the Emulator Finally, you can also use the Emulator feature to test various playing strategies based on historical data. This tool allows you to simulate different scenarios and assess the potential outcomes of your bets.
Remember that while Tracksino can provide valuable insights and data, gambling inherently involves risks. It’s essential to gamble responsibly and set limits on your bets. Tracksino is a tool to enhance your understanding and strategy but should be used wisely, along with your own judgment and responsible gaming practices. It’s also important to select a top online casino for a good and fair live casino experience.
    1. Dream Catcher:
        • Multiplier Outcomes: Tracksino can provide information on the frequency and outcomes of the multipliers, allowing players to make informed bets based on patterns.
        • Number Statistics: It tracks the frequency of numbers drawn and provides data on the most common and least common numbers.
        • Dealer Information: The tool may include data about the dealers, which could potentially be useful for understanding individual dealer tendencies.
    1. Monopoly Dream Catcher:
        • Dice Roll Results: Tracksino records the results of the dice rolls, providing live monopoly statistique insight into how often certain rolls occur and the associated multipliers.
        • Chance Card Outcomes: It can track the outcomes of the Chance cards, which are an integral part of Monopoly Dream Catcher.
        • Multiplier Insights: Similar to Dream Catcher, it can provide data on the multipliers and their frequency.
    1. Crazy Time:
        • Multiplier Stats: Tracksino tracks the multipliers in Crazy Time, helping players understand which multipliers are landing more frequently.
        • Winning Strategies: It may offer insights into successful betting strategies by analyzing past results.
        • Dealer Information: The tool could provide information about the live dealers, potentially assisting players in making strategic decisions.
    1. Mega Ball:
        • Ball Draw Statistics: Tracksino records data related to the Mega Ball draws, such as the frequency of specific ball numbers.
        • Winning Patterns: It can potentially help identify patterns in Mega Ball draws, aiding players in making strategic bets.
        • Multiplier Information: Tracksino may offer insights into the multipliers that have been most common in recent games.
    1. Deal or No Deal:
        • Box Results: It can provide information on the results of Deal or No Deal box selections, including the average win and the frequency of each box.
        • Strategies for Beating the Banker: Tracksino may offer insights into how to outsmart the banker based on past results.
        • Other Relevant Data: It could include data on the cases and their outcomes.
    1. Lightning Roulette:
        • Number Frequency: Tracksino tracks the frequency of individual numbers in Lightning Roulette, helping players understand which numbers are landing more often.
        • Betting Patterns: It can offer data on different betting options, including high/low, red/black, odd/even, and other betting categories.
        • Lucky Numbers: Players can potentially access data on numbers that have been most frequently designated as “lucky” in recent games.
    1. Lightning Dice:
        • Dice Roll Outcomes: Tracksino records the outcomes of the dice rolls in Lightning Dice, including the frequency of each number.
        • Betting Insights: It can potentially offer data on successful betting strategies and patterns.
        • Other Relevant Data: Depending on the game, Tracksino may provide information on multipliers and other relevant statistics.
Please note that the specific data and statistics available for each game may vary, and Tracksino continually updates its features and coverage. Players can use this information to make more informed decisions and develop strategies that suit their preferences and playing style.

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Conclusion: a useful tool to track casino games live

Tracksino helps level the playing field for online gamblers. It achieves this by providing Return to Player (RTP) ratings and success projections in real-time, offering players a clear picture of what is happening live. Moreover, Tracksino serves as a tool for verifying the fairness of live casino games. Users can access data and insights, and historical data of up to 30 previous days. However, players shoudl still make sure they know the rules, have selected their games well, and most importantly found the best online casino to play live games in.
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Common questions about Tracksino live casino tracker
Can you track crazy time casino?
Yes, Tracksino is a tool that will give you live stats on Crazy time, allowing you to track casino data on Crazy Time and place better bets.
What other features are included in Tracksino?
You can find dealer information, leaderboards and RTPs on Tracksino.
How many days historical statistics can I get on Tracksino?
Tracksino offers 30 days historical data on its site.