LadyLucks’ guide to slot games: Slots strategy, does it exist?

LadyLucks’ guide to slot games: Slots strategy, does it exist?

Aug 10, 2016
Written by Philippe

Slots strategy, what’s it all about? Is that even a thing?

Before we explore what slots strategy is, we must determine whether or not it exists. After all, as you know, slots are played at the push of a button and ultimately require no skill.

Slots strategy: coins

Developing a strategy for slots would be much like developing one for the classic game of heads or tails. There is no fool-proof way to determine whether or not the coin will land on heads or tails, as outcomes are completely independent from the last. Again, this is much the same with slots.

Of course, while slots are much more complicated on the surface, with whirling reels, baffling bonus features and complicated payouts, both outcomes are generated at random.

If you haven’t already realised then, the key term here is random. Hence, why no solid strategy has ever been created. So, the question is; how can one develop a strategy for something that is skill-less and random? It may not be in how one plays the slot, but how one chooses the slot they play.

And choosing the right slot could be paramount to your success on the slots, which may well sound complicated, but the only thing you need to remember here is one acronym: RTP. Or, the ‘return to player’ rate. Finding the right slot with the right RTP

Important Slots strategy factors : RTP and slots

Much like the house edge in table games, (if you’re not familiar with house edge see the first section of this article here), RTP is the slots equivalent determining its volatility.

The RTP rate can vary from slot to slot, but generally comes in at around 80 to 95%. Of course, some games come in with a lower rate, while overs come in with a much higher rate.

What this means is that for every £1 staked on a slot, the house can expect to recoup a percentage. The rest is then returned to the player, which is where the term gets its name from.

If the RTP is 95%, the player should expect to receive 95p from every £1 staked, while the house takes in £0.05. This is over an extended period of time though, so should not be taken as gospel.

Basically, the higher the RTP rate, the better it is for the player. You can find the RTP of slots by researching via Google, or use our handy list below to get a general idea of the best playing games

RTP rates change depending on the stake you’re playing, whether or not you’re using ‘high roller’ spin etc.

• Miss White: 96.1% to 92%
• Family Guy: 96.05% to 92.5%
• Golden Goddess: 96% to 93.5%
• Black Widow: 96% to 91.99%
• Mayan Moolah: 96%
• Knights Jackpot: 96%
• War Zone: 95.65%
• Treasure Blast: 92%

From the list above we would recommend that you give the above games a shot, all of which can be found on the LadyLucks mobile app.

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