LadyLucks’ complete guide to blackjack part 2: How to play hands effectively!

Second of a five part guide, in this feature we’ll take you through how to get the most value out of your hands in blackjack. If you don’t know whether to hit on a 12, or stand with a pair of 8s, our guide will help you tackle the trickiest situations in blackjack.

The importance of playing the right hands

Knowing when to hit, stand, split or double down is crucially important to the success of your blackjack ventures. By sticking to a simple strategy you can improve your odds substantially.

As discussed in the previous article, the house edge of blackjack is the lowest of all table games at 0.6%. And so, if you’re looking to profit at the casino, it’s your best bet

Of course, for you to get anywhere near 0.6% you need to know when and how to play your hands to maximise winning potential.

And the easiest way to do this?

Follow our guide.


Read it, learn it and love it


Print it off, stick it to your bedroom wall or bring it with you to Vegas, as long as you follow the handy guide to above you’ll never got wrong.

Basically, find whatever hand you have to the left of the table and match it up with whatever the dealer holds.

If the guide tells you to hit — denoted by the green ‘H’ — then you should do so.

Each letter determines a certain action:

  • H = hit
  • DB = double
  • SP = split
  • S = stand

Basically, all you need to do is learn this off by heart, or print it off, and you’re set to suceed!

There you go! No waffle, no long winded-guide; just a simple guide to the popular game that is blackjack. Make sure you tune in for part 3 next week. Good luck at the tables!