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May 30, 2024
Written by Philippe

The Lady Luck casino

The best online casino games selection with Ladylucks

Our years of knowledge of the online casino industry has given us a keen eye for online casinos. Here is our top recommendations for online casinos in the UK and the top online casino games on our radar at the moment.

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Lucky Slots

The more volatile the slot, the more you’ll need Lady lucks on your side. Here’s our top slots recommendation for slot machine games, depending on volatility.

Microgaming Mega Moolah Jackpot
Gonzo's Quest Megaways™ slot review
Starburst slot
  1. Mega Moolah: the all time biggest reward slots game
  2. Gonzo’s quest: the adventure slots game for explorers
  3. Starbust: the classic, crown-jewel of all slots games

An important thing to know is that different slot games have different levels of luck built into them.

Read our guide on slot volatility to find out how it works can affect your wins and make you more or less lucky.

Lady Luck: a history of fortune

lady lucks

The mythical Lady Luck figure: fortune personified as a woman?

The Lady Luck figure has traversed time and cultures, embodying the essence of luck, chance, and fortune. From ancient mythology to contemporary gambling culture, she continues to fascinate and inspire, reminding us that in the game of life, luck can be both a powerful ally and a fickle companion.

A Symbol of Fortune and Chance

Throughout history, the Lady Luck figure has captivated the imagination of people worldwide as a symbol of fortune, chance, and destiny. Depicted in various forms and cultural contexts, Lady Luck personifies the concept of luck, influencing games of chance, gambling, and even everyday life. Let’s explore the intriguing history of this iconic figure.

Ancient Origins

The origins of this mysterious figure can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In Greek mythology, Tyche, the goddess of chance, held significant influence over people’s destinies. She was often depicted as a beautiful woman with a cornucopia, representing abundance, and a wheel of fortune, symbolizing the unpredictable nature of luck. Those with neither skills nor much intelligence who still succeeded were said to be in Tyche’s favour. Yet in the Ancient Greek tradition, it was also commonly said that men were slow to praise Tyche for their good fortune, and yet quick to blame her when they encountered bad luck.

Tyche, now remembered more for good fortune, had a fickle and unpredictable character. Hesiod, a Greek poet, identifies her as one of the 3000 daughters of Oceanus and Tethys, aligning her with the water nymphs. Her role is also closely associated with Tyche was closely associated with the Fates, the three goddesses of the underworld who determined the lives of men. She was also often cited with Nemesis, the goddess of Retribution.

Roman Influence

With the rise of the Roman Empire, the concept of luck and fortune expanded. Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and fate, is an equivalent deity to Tyche in the Roman pantheon. She embodied the idea of chance and the unpredictable nature of life. She was depicted holding a rudder and a cornucopia, representing her control over the ups and downs of fortune.

Unlike the Greeks, The Romans made more of a difference between Fortune and good luck however. Eutychia was the Greek goddess of good fortune, however she is not thought to be distinct to Tyche. Instead, she this was probably just another name for her, or another side of her personality. But the Roman pantheon gave an equivalent to Eutychia in the goddess Felicitas, who was different to Fortuna. Where Fortuna was renown for her unpredictability and would hand out spouts of either good or bad fortune, Felicitas was linked to the rejoicing for good luck and the happy moments it brought. The neutral “chance”, or Fortune, thus distinguished itself from the connotations of “luck” as good luck.

Evolution in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, Lady Luck took on a more religious connotation. The Christian concept of Providence, the belief that God governs all events, was intertwined with the notion of luck. In religious art, Lady Luck often appeared alongside biblical figures, such as saints and angels, emphasizing the divine aspect of luck and fortune.

Renaissance and Modern Depictions

In the Renaissance era, the Lady Luck figure underwent a transformation, influenced by the revival of classical mythology and the emergence of humanism. Artists depicted Fortune as a winged figure, blindfolded and holding a spinning wheel, symbolizing the ever-changing nature of luck. This portrayal suggested that luck was impartial, affecting both the fortunate and the unfortunate. It also portrayed the constant mutability of life, with the wheel taking you down and up.

Fortune had pagan connotations denigrated by the Christian moralist tradition where following Christian doctrine was meant to allow you to regain a certain control over unknowable events. Be a good Christian, and you will have good fortune. However, as good fortune may not come in the earthly life, the good Christian could continuously face trials and difficulties which tested his faith. This meant that Christian tradition also adopted Fortune as an expression of God’s unknowable ways, and the tests life gave a Christian. However, the femininity of this portrayal as a Lady remained a pagan interpretation of a masculine and Godly predetermination.


Contemporary Interpretations

In popular culture, the mythical and mystical Lady Luck is often depicted as a beautiful woman bestowing fortune upon lucky individuals. In modern times, Lady lucks continues to hold a prominent place in popular culture, casinos, and entertainment industries. Her image can be seen in casino logos, slot machines, and playing cards, serving as a constant reminder of the role luck plays in games of chance.

You might remember this famous

Fortune and money: how did Lady Luck become associated with gambling?

The Renaissance’s revival of the Lady Luck imagery also gave way to its adoption by the gambling culture. The Renaissance is also an era of mercantile exploits and discoveries and conquests, and the word “fortune” therefore became more and more closely linked to money. To have good fortune was thus illustrated by an increase in wealth, and the possibility of improving one’s station in life.

Moving away from a feudal system to one in which social mobility became possible for wealthy merchants or explorers to achieve great successes, or lose what they had gained by overstepping in their greed. You might think of Ben Jonson’s Volpone or Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, where greed and money are the prominent themes of these plays which illustrate a growing preoccupation of the time. This era also sees a growing attention given to conmen, fortune tellers, magicians and games of luck in which dealer like player aspired to winning more money.

Lady Luck in Gambling Culture

LadyLuck became intimately associated with gambling culture, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries. The imagery of a woman with dice, playing cards, or slot machines became synonymous with the allure and uncertainty of gambling.

In 1946, Robert Young and Barbara Hale star in “Lady Luck”, a Hollywood classic tale in which a woman marries a gambler. You might also remember the famous scene in Guys and Dolls (1955) where Marlon Brando sings “Luck be a Lady Tonight”.

“I’m going to roll these dice! One roll. And on that roll I’m going to bet each one of you $1000 against your soul.” Guys and Dolls

Ladylucks casino: the first mobile casino

Fast forward to 2011, and the UK’s first mobile casino was launched by a team of pioneers: Ladylucks casino. At the advent of mobile phones and with online casinos only at their beginnings, this marked the beginning of a new era for gambling in the digital ages. Slots games and other casino games were now available on the go, and through the devices used to play other games.

Ladylucks today: online casino reviews to help players navigate the world of online gambling

With the number of online casinos and games offer growing, Lady lucks casino converted itself into a guide for the online gambler to help players find the best games and casinos for them. At Ladylucks, we believe in great games, and we want to help you find the best money games out there. However, as gambling also comes with risks involved, our guides are also here to explain how to best take advantages of online casino bonuses, and know the ins and outs of online games so you can gamble responsibly.

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Common questions about Lady luck & Ladylucks casino UK
What is lady luck?
Ladylucks is the UK's first mobile casino. We'll help you find the best online money games and guide you through the top online casinos in the UK.
Who is lady luck?
Lady luck is a well known symbol for good fortune in popular culture. From origins dating bate to ancient Greek mythology, it has made its way into gambling culture today.
What movie is luck be a lady tonight in?
Marlo Brando sings "Luck be a lady" in Guys and Dolls (1955)
Can I play casino games on LadyLucks?
No, you cannot play casino games directly on LadyLucks. Their purpose is to guide you to reputable online casinos where you can play for real money.