Voyages of Zheng He

At LadyLucks we give you slots of all different themes and 1421 Voyages of Zheng He is arguably one of the most memorable. Zheng He was a Chinese sailor from the 15th century and IGT have dedicated this slot to his journey through different parts of Asia. This slot provides you with stunning visuals, immersive gameplay and a whole lot more.

Join Zheng He on his adventures

1421 Voyages of Zheng He contains five reels and 88 paylines: this is relevant as the number 8 is deemed lucky in Chinese culture. In this slot you will find several references to the number eight throughout. Such a high number of paylines is more than you would expect from a regular slot and provides real interest and opportunities on every spin.

The symbols reflect the Chinese theme with various simple yet perfect images that recreate Zheng He’s journey – including one of the adventurer himself, riding on his miniature ship. The paytable, located at the top of the page, goes into detail about the value of these symbols and explains every payline.

Bonuses will arrive to keep you going

Screenshot of the game: 1421 - Voyages of Zheng He
It’s sure to be a long journey with Zheng He, so you will be thankful for all the bonuses that will help through this long and weary quest. The first bonus comes in the form of a wild symbol, which acts as a substitute for all the other symbols (except the bonus), increasing the likelihood of creating winning combinations.

However, that’s just the start of it – the main bonus is a real winner. To trigger it you need to land three bonus symbols to occupy the centre reels, which will immediately pay a 2x win on that spin. From here, you will be given a tough but nice decision to make, as four options appear. They are;

Cup feature: a golden ball will be under one of the three cups, which will be continuously shuffled. If you know where it is once the shuffling stops, you will earn a win that is 91x your initial bet!

Furthermore, these bonuses are available:

    Free spins feature – 20 free spins with random multipliers of 3x, 2x and 1x.
    Free spins feature – 15 free spins with random multipliers of 5x, 2x and 1x.
    Free spins feature – 10 free spins with random multipliers of 8x, 2x and 1x.

The only thing could be hard for you to decide which one of these bonuses to take.

As with all our slots, this caters for all types of players with the minimum stake 16p and the maximum £176 a spin. Cautious or daring, there’s a budget for both and you adjust the size of your bet along the bottom of the slot.

This is a fantastic slot that gives you a 94.15 return to player percentage, meaning how likely you are to get returns. With a clear and concise theme that the images perfectly match, to go along with unbelievable bonuses, we know you will all be going with Zheng He on his epic journey.

Game Details
Paylines 88
Min bet 16p
Max bet £176
RTP 94.15%