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Record 8,260+ complaints to UK Gambling Commission in 2018

Aug 26, 2019
Written by Philippe

A record 8,266 complaints against UK gambling operators were logged in 2018 alone, representing a 5,000% jump in just 5 years.

Judging by numbers released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, players have either become more discontent with their UK gambling operator or simply more vocal. This has translated to a huge 5,000% jump in complaints in the last 5 years. We’ve got some highlights next.

Failing to adhere to socially responsible practices

While the reasons varied, a similar theme emerged in many of the complaints. The first was a breakdown in the controls which saw some casinos continuing to entice at-risk players to gamble, despite being given clear instructions to the contrary. Players who opt to be self-excluded have the right to see this executed immediately by their casino. Once added to a self-exclusion list, they should immediately be prohibited from playing at the casino for 6 months. In theory, this gives a problem gambler time to seek the proper treatment. Players that think they might have a gambling problem can see our ‘Responsible Gambling’ section. Another common complaint related to a failure on the part of the casino to allow a withdrawal of player winnings.

Gambling Complaints UK

A portion of these related to failing to conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner or act on instructions to withdraw winnings.

Gambling Complaints UK : Fines on the rise

With UK consumers gambling £14.5 billion in the 12 months leading up to September 2018, it is no coincidence that the UK Gambling Commission has taken a more proactive and aggressive approach to operators with serious breaches of their gambling licence. Ladbrokes Coral was recently fined £5.9 million for failing to put effective controls in place to protect players displaying signs of a gambling addiction.

Pressure on operators to comply with the terms of their license can only get stronger over time.

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