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LadyLucks’ Ultimate Mobile Slot Guide: The Itinerary

Feb 22, 2017
Written by Philippe
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Have you ever wanted to know everything there was to know about mobile slots? What about everything on just one very specific topic? Or maybe you just want to know how you can up your win rate while playing mobile casino games? Whatever your motivation, LadyLucks Casino have the answer to your prayers.

We’ve put together the biggest guide on slots, which is guaranteed to tell you everything you need to know. Who knows what fantastic information you could learn along the way!

What to expect from this slot guide

We’re going to teach you everything there is to know about slots, assembled by our top team of experts and delivered by our best games writers. There’s going to be one article a week, and we’re going to look at a number of important slots areas. The result? It’s going to be the most comprehensive guide to mobile slots on the internet!

Check below for descriptions of every single part we’re going to write and update over the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye on the LadyLucks blog to see each article as it comes, or check back to this post for easy links to each week’s topic.

No matter whether you’re a mobile slots newbie or an old pro, there’s bound to be something new here for you! Read on for a synopsis of what to expect from each section.

Part 1: The history of slots

From the classic one-armed-bandits to modern online slots, we take a look at the history

In order to fully appreciate mobile casino games, it’s important to understand where they came from. While LadyLucks has previously covered the history of mobile casino games and software, there’s a much wider scope of topics that also need to be discussed too. This first section covers the way slot machines originally ran, the developments into video slots, and the important technological advances that helped land-based slots become what they are today.

We’ll also take a look at how games have changed when they’ve been brought to consumers at home. Mobile slots and online gaming websites have had to experiment with different technology in order to successfully deliver a rounded gaming experience at home. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about where slots came from, then this is for you.

Part 2: Winning at slots

All casino games have a house edge. Maths is also at the heart of all of these games: when you play slots, you’re agreeing to be at the whims of randomness. You’ve also got the deck stacked against you: with the numbers, the casino always wins. So this section is dedicated to helping you understand the maths behind slot machines: how house edge works, what slot volatility is, and how you can have something that’s programmed to be random.

Another interesting thing we take a look at are beatable slot machines. Though these are a rarity – and the slots where you pay by mobile can’t be exploited – there have been cases of beating the slots. Find out how maths was on some lucky players’ sides, and how casinos are making sure this can’t happen again.

Part 3: How designers make slots

We take a look at the intricate process of designing games

There’s a lot more to slots than you might think. Large companies like IGT are always scouting the top maths masters programmes for new talent, and so many of the people working on slot machines today have been stolen away from potential careers in accounting or academia. There are different constraints on making different kinds of games. Mechanical slots have different challenges to video slots, for an obvious example.

Discover what goes into your favourite games. There are progressive slots which need their own mathematics. There’s also a lot of work in calculating hit frequency and payback percentage, so we can guide you through the maths behind these key slot terms.

Part 4: How video slots work

Thanks to the size and scope of the online gaming industry, video slots are now much more popular than mechanical slots. It’s not hard to see why: land-based video slots, mobile games and online casinos can all use the same technology. It’s convenient for companies to develop one game and then use it across a variety of different platforms.

We’ll look at some of the ways video slots work. There’s some history, some information on random number generation, and some explanation of maths again. The guide also covers how video slots without paylines work – those titles which instead offer ‘243 ways to win’ – compared to standard paylines. Finally, we can take a peek at networked and server-based games and how these video slots can affect player experience.

Part 5: Slots game bonuses

How do online slot bonuses work? Another subject we’re set to explore!

Maths and history might be the bread and butter of slot machines, but everyone knows there’s something special that all players seek. Slots bonus events are the delicious filling between that bread – or the icing on the metaphorical game cake. Games with great bonuses are more likely to attract gamers, which in turn is more likely to make the company money.

Here’s a look at all the different kind of bonus rounds you could find in mobile slot games. We cover free spins bonuses – probably the most common kind – as well as the other extras you could find. Spinning wheels, pick ‘em games, and skill-based bonuses can all be involved in making great games. But some designers go even further, so we’ll also dive into mysterious bonus games as well as community-style features.

Part 6: Progressive slot games

If you’re seeking the biggest jackpots, chances are you’re going to play nothing but progressive slot games for mobile at LadyLucks. These games involve a jackpot that gets consistently bigger every time it isn’t won, taking a small amount of each losing wager and adding it to the total sum. Pay-by-mobile casinos offer these games alongside standard slots and they’re the games which have the biggest gains at stake.

Some multi-tiered progressives also offer different prizes, so they can be appealing to everyone. But many big-money games mean you have to bet the maximum to be eligible for the big win, so we check out how that works.

Part 7: Online and mobile casinos

Online casino gaming… what is it, and how does it work?

When you first visit a mobile slots casino site, you might be apprehensive. Can the same guaranteed randomness really be created online? Is it safe? And is there the same breadth of activities on offer as there is at a land-based casino? This is the section all about online gambling in all its forms. That’s everything, from live-streamed roulette to pay-by-mobile-phone-bill slots.

This section will take you through what to expect from online mobile casinos in terms of what’s on offer, and also explain how technology ensures randomness. Online slots are very safe, very secure and very popular – and we’re big fans.

Part 8: Making the most of slots

Winning strategies doesn’t exist in slots. There’s no way to learn the perfect play like in blackjack, and there’s no pseudo-useful betting strategies like the Martingale system in roulette. But that doesn’t mean that all mobile slot machines are created equal.

Find out how to make the most of your hard-earned money in this section. It’ll take you through when you should bet the max and how different kinds of bonuses could pay out different amounts. Optimise your slot games to your preferred play style, and you’ll find slots are much more favourable!

Part 9: The best franchise slots

The best of the best! We take a look at the top slot franchises in the industry

Pop culture and gaming go hand in hand. From blockbuster films to top-selling video games and famous musicians, all kinds of things get turned into themed slots. There’s some appeal in themed slots, so this section explains what makes a great franchise slot.

Check out our collections of the best franchise mobile slots, including some unlikely offerings based on board games. Combine your outside interests with your love of gaming in these slot machines. There’s been all kinds of franchised slots, from musicians who sold their songs (and faces) for licensing, through to top-rated fantasy epics rendered in slot format. Game shows are also popular for slot game theming. Find some of our favourite franchise slots here – even if they may now have become just the stuff of legend.

Part 10: Classic slots games

Some slots have transcended merely being games. Some slots are now cultural icons or touchstones in their own right. Wolf Run is one such famous example: it’s got something of a retro feel now, but it has engrossed players around the world for many years. Its top-notch jackpot probably doesn’t hurt either.

In fact, some slots become such mainstays that they spawn their own series and sequels. Cleopatra is another example, with all kinds of different slots coming out after the original was released. This section looks at why some slots have such enduring appeal, and what exactly it is which keeps us hooked.

Part 11: Games that suit you

We’ll find the perfect slot that suits your needs completely

Gamers come in all kinds of different varieties. What one person finds fun, another could find horrific. So it’s crucial you work out what your play style is and how to capitalise on that. Slot games exist to fill all kinds of different niches in market, from a range of themes to varied chances of payout.

This section sheds some light on payout percentages and how they’re found. There’s discussion of slot volatility, and the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of games. So whether you love cute games with low stakes, or want to chase an elusive jackpot, there’s ideal games for every player available. We’ll make it even easier by showing you some games that suit your play style, from the low volatility games through to the jackpot games. There’s also a lot of ‘mixed’ games, which are a great place to start if you aren’t sure what kind of play experience suits you exactly.

Part 12: Etiquette and the slots

You’d think that playing slot machines was pretty simple. But if you’re playing them in land-based casinos, there’s a lot of things you need to keep in mind. Primarily, you need to keep your behaviour in check at all times.

Being cool and level-headed can also help you when playing online or mobile slot games. Don’t get too carried away, or let your heart rule your head. Learning to be rational can save you lots of money when playing the slots – so here’s our collection of top tips in how to be a gracious slot player.

Part 13: Slots betting systems

Players have long been seeking different ways to exploit casino machines and tip the odds in their favour. While none of them work, it can be interesting to look at what people hoped would work.

The final section looks at some ways that gamers have tried to play casinos at their own game. But there’s also some advice here on betting systems, money management and how to use your pay roll wisely. Smart players, after all, are happy players.

Which part of our mammoth guide are you the most excited to read? At LadyLucks Mobile Casino, we believe that everyone should be able to get stuck in – and no stone should go un-turned in pursuit of superior slots information! Stick with us for the near future, and soon you’ll be a bona fide slots expert thanks to this slot guide. You’ll never have slots questions again.

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Common questions about LadyLucks’ Ultimate Mobile Slot Guide: The Itinerary
What is the purpose of LadyLucks’ guide?
The guide aims to be the most comprehensive resource on mobile slots, covering everything from the history of slot machines to the mathematics behind them, and offering insights into various slot game features
How is the guide structured?
It is assembled by experts and delivered weekly, focusing on important areas of slots, including their history, technology, mathematics, and different types of games and bonuses.
What can readers expect to learn about mobile slots?
Readers will gain knowledge on a wide range of topics, such as the evolution of slot machines, the role of mathematics in game design, strategies for playing, and the top slot franchises in the industry.
Who would find the guide useful?
The guide is designed for both newcomers and seasoned players of mobile slots, offering new insights and information to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the games.