How fashion plays a big part in casino attraction

How fashion plays a big part in casino attraction

Dec 1, 2023
Written by Philippe

When it comes to playing the range of casino games on offer, it’s probably easier to do it form your phone. Just open your LadyLucks app and you will have access to the traditional table games and a host of great slots. However, while the practicality of playing games from your phone outweighs going to a casino, when you do visit it can be a great social occasion.

In light of the recent London Fashion Week we will be looking at how you can stay classy at the casino.

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The names Bond…


For men, the look is straightforward, and when we think of men in their tux’s at the casino, the first thing that springs to mind is James Bond. Casino Royale was a great hit, and the image of Daniel Craig playing poker while donning his tux is almost iconic.

Of course, each casino will vary, but in general, the higher profile the casino, the smarter you will have to go, particularly if you have the money to enter the VIP areas. The likelihood is black tie will be the standard approach to most of the casinos in major cities, which means black shoes, black dinner jacket, white shirt, bow tie and maybe a waistcoat – á la Bond.

It will certainly give you the classy look that will give you an extra boost ahead of going to the casino. Add yourself a martini, shaken – not stirred, and then you’re ready to go. Let’s just hope you have the same luck at the table then!

For the women

Maria Grazia Cucinotta Nicogenin in Festival De Venise MostraFor women, a smart event can still give you a lot of freedom to pick the right outfit. In generations previously a black tie event for females could have been very strict. It would’ve involved specific types of gowns, certain lengths and even gloves and jewellery.

Whilst you can still dress like that, and it will certainly give off a classy look, you don’t have to go to such extremes if you don’t want to. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no guidelines! Casinos would generally want dresses that don’t show off too much skin, and for a classy look the colours would be relatively safe.

That doesn’t mean that there’s no bright colours, although we’re not sure that some of the stuff at the London Fashion Week would go down well!

In terms of the length of the dress, the floor length option gives off a classy look, but so will a shorter dress, essentially it is all about taste.

So, there you have it. The casino is a great experience, and a significant part of that is putting on your smartest outfits and feeling a million dollars. When you enter the casino environment your outfits will fit in perfectly and ensure that you have a fun night in store. Enjoy!

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