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Best online mobile slots and finding the best game for you

Jul 18, 2017
Written by Philippe
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The choice of online online slots for online players is huge. You can now choose whether you’d rather play on your desktop or laptop or in the palm of your hand on a mobile or tablet device.

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In this LadyLucks blog, you’ll find out about options for playing at online casinos, including:

  • Different types of games and how these work
  • The development of games and how online and live casinos cross paths
  • Playing for money at online casinos and for free in social casinos
  • Regulations, such as who can play and how games are random

Types of games and how to play

Online mobile slots can be very similar to those you’d find in real casinos. Think of them as cousins.

Similarities include:

  • Just like with live video slots, bonus events are a large percentage of the payback on online slots.
  • You’ll find multiple paylines, mostly with five video reels, similar to video slots.
  • Online slots use random number generators, as do live slots.
  • Most online mobile slots have a few paylines and around three reels, like their real-life counterparts.

It’s common for gamemakers that design the same games you’ll find in live casinos to sell games to casinos online as well. Designers such as Scientific Games, Aristocrat Technologies and others are all online now and you’d see these same game designers in real casinos too.

It’s not uncommon for game designers to also use space in online casinos to test out and try new ideas for games they want to place in real casinos. The same actually applies both ways round.

Differences between online mobile slots and online video slots in casinos also exist.

  • There aren’t as many games with progressive jackpots
  • There aren’t as many games with bonus wheels
  • Wider betting options are available online
  • Online players can often try slots for free

We’ll take each of these points in a little more depth.

Mobile slots with progressive jackpots

It’s common for progressive games to take up nearly half of the slot floor in a real casino. Games with multilevel jackpots and bright, lit-up displays are the most usual for this as they signal their existence to other players around the casino floor. These games exist online though too and people are out there hunting for jackpots just as they would be in a live casino, they just aren’t as common.

Video slots with bonus wheels

Huge bonus wheels sit about the base games in live casinos offering something exciting to see for players looking for a game.

Obviously, there are no towering bonus wheels online as we’re living in the world of virtual reality, but bonus wheels do still exist. Most of the online bonus events focus more on free spins bonuses instead.

Online slots have wider betting options

A lot of the slot machines you’ll find in real-life casinos have certain, specific coin denominations that have to be adhered to. For example, one-cent machines or $1 machines. Even if there are multiple choices, these are often limited to certain amount in live casinos.

There are often lower denomination slots (1 cent, 2 cent or 5 cent) and higher denomination slots (25 cents, 50 cents or $1) per line.

Obviously, online slots don’t have to be as rigid and it often depends on the regulations with the providers. Some online mobile slots can offer an almost unlimited number of wagering options in the same game if you have the credits there available to do so.

Mobile demo slots

You certainly can’t do this in a live casino! It’s possible online though. You aren’t playing for real cash but you do get the opportunity to give most slots a try for free to see what they’re like.

Available games

Most online casinos have a huge array of different online mobile slots available to play. Most casinos have separate contracts with certain providers so selections differ by casino a lot of the time.

We’ll take a look at some of the stand-out slot games below.


Online And Mobile Slots - Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of the most popular slot games ever to have existed online.

This popularity is certainly somewhat down to the similarity the game has to the live casino games that existed before it, based on the same name and concept.

Other Cleopatra games now exist too, such has Cleopatra 2 and Cleopatra Wild Tiles.

Unsurprisingly, the symbols are Egyptian-themed and you’ll find items such as the Sphinx, the Eye of Horus and other Egyptian figures such as Cleopatra herself, of course.

In Cleopatra, the symbol of herself is the wild and it’s worth double payoffs with any winning combos that include it in the base game. You can get yourself 15 free spins with 3x winning payoffs if you find three scattered Sphinx symbols and if you do the same again during the feature you get to play the event twice and find yourself with another 15 free spins.

This retrigger feature is what makes Cleopatra so popular in real casinos and also online and has helped inspire features within other big online slots since.

Cool Jewels

Online And Mobile Slots - Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels boasts an unusual reel layout of six reels with a further six symbols on each, rather than the usual video reel layout. The symbols are all gemstones and move around the reels in what’s known as a ‘cascading reels’ format.

The jewels explode when those of the same type come together in a winning combo, giving you credits and leaving spaces for other stones to slide down and fill into.

These new gemstones sliding into the open spots creates new opportunities to win and carries on until no more winning possibilities exist.

Next to the reels, on the right hand side, there’s a meter that keeps track of how many of these cascades have created winners. Win four times or more and you’re given free spins.

The free spins feature keeps adjacent wilds on the screen after a win too and they continue to move together and form new winners as the game goes on. An original concept and popular slot game.

Black Knight

Online And Mobile Slots - Black Knigt

Black Knight is an example of a themed game that keeps a traditional slot layout. You’ll find kings, queens and orbs on the reels with a Middle Ages feel across the who slot.

The wild symbol is the black knight on the back of his trusty steed and finding him expands three spaces in a column with the opportunity for more wins.

Black Knight includes animated features as well as he gallops across your screen. If you can find three shield symbols then you’ll launch the free spins bonus too.

The black shield has a gold chess knight and the black knight symbol turns into something extra special in the free spins feature as he expands to fill a column and stays in that spot during the whole feature.

OMG! Kittens

Online And Mobile Slots - OMG Kittens

It goes without saying that if you’re a cat lover then this one might well be for you. You’ll find three differently coloured kittens characters in this slot game – Tiger (orange), Bubbles (white) and Whiskers (white). Symbols include balls of yarn, milk bottles and kitty collard that take up just the one space.

But our kitten friends fill up the columns and your bigger wins come with multiple columns of the cuddly creatures.

The kittens have random multipliers of two, three, five, 10 or even 100 times your win. If you can create a big winning combination with a 100x multiplier too then your credit meter will be on fire!

There’s a free spins bonus to launch too, finding kitten on the first four reels and the OMG! symbol on the fifth, giving you at least five free spins. Finding the kitten symbols during this feature will also multiply your winnings and it’s possible to get up to 45 free spins!

Here at LadyLucks, we have a massive selection of slots that you can check out for yourself today.

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Randomness online

Sometimes, people worry that online casinos don’t have the same randomness as you’d expect to find in a real-life casino. But, not to worry, as online casinos have their own set of regulations that are imposed by the jurisdictions in which they exist.

Most online casinos have to think about:

  • Who may play and where may they play?
  • How can players fund their bets?
  • Are the games as random as those in live casinos?

Who may play, and where may they play?

It’s legal to play online mobile slots around a lot of the world. It’s generally dependant on your home country as to whether you can play or not.

The Gambling Commission in the UK, for example, is the regulator of online casinos and does the same for other types of online play such as sports, bingo and even games machines in arcades or pubs.

How can players fund their bets?

Of course, you have to have an account with an online casino to be able to bet and play. It’s not as simple as most live casinos where you can just walk in and place your bets, you have to sign up, create an account, deposit an amount and then you’re good to go.

Are the games as random as those in live casinos?

This is important, of course. The answer, quite simply, is yes. Online casinos are regulated just as live casinos are.

In the UK, a lot of online casinos are run through well-regulated companies based in Gibraltar and the Isle of Man and these have a good reputation.

Trust is important for both players and companies alike.

You’ll want to make sure that any games you’re playing have been certified by services such as eCorga, GLI, Gaming Associates or iTech.

More generally, stick to the recommended online casino outlets and you really can’t go too far wrong. If you’re playing the exact same slot game but in an online casino rather than a live casino, you’ll still be getting the exact same amount of randomness!

A word about social casinos

Non-wagering casinos are growing in popularity and are more available now than ever before through mobile apps and social network sites such as Facebook.

These social casinos don’t have the same regulations as casinos where you’re placing real bets and there are no limits on ages or restrictions about who can play based on where they are.

Of course, these social casino sites don’t make money from game results and until now there hasn’t been concern about whether these games are random but social casinos aren’t charities with no interest in your money so it’s important to be careful.

You’ll often be given free credits to play and get yourself rolling so that if you want to play for free then you can do so, with no money being exchanged.

However, you’ll often find yourself having to exchange money for further free credits or if you want to buy additional game features and this is how social casinos make their money.

It’s important to not be tricked into this and to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and that you’re aware of what they want!

You’ll be charged for premium games and for extra credits and there will always be regular offers for you to see and tempt you in with. But remember, there’s no withdrawal of cash on your part as these aren’t betting casinos.

It’s impossible for you to get the money back that you put into these games!

This doesn’t mean you can’t play in social casinos and just have fun, but you need to make sure you know what you’re doing at all times.

So, now you know all there is to know about online casinos! Look out for Part 8 of the Slot Compendium Blog too keep that knowledge on point.

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Common questions about Best online mobile slots and finding the best game for you
What are Mobile Slots?
Mobile slots are online games that can be played on mobile devices, offering a variety of themes and features similar to slot machines found in live casinos.
How do Progressive Jackpots work online?
Online progressive jackpots function like those in live casinos, where a portion of each bet contributes to a growing prize pool, though they are less common online.
Can I try Online Slots for free?
Yes, many online casinos offer demo versions of slots, allowing players to try the games for free without wagering real money
Are Online Slot Games Random?
Online slots use random number generators to ensure fair play, similar to live slots, and are regulated by authorities to guarantee randomness and trustworthiness.