barbie vs oppenheimer sales

Barbie vs Oppenheimer sales: who will win? All bets are off!

Jul 24, 2023
Written by Harry

A box office battle

Barbie vs Oppenheimer: this summer, an unexpected rivalry has been born opposing two worlds at opposite ends of the scale. The 2 clashing figures pitted against the other has become the new viral meme. On one hand we have the colourful Barbie whose rose-tinted glassed have been traded in for a radically feminist lens. On the other hand stands the much darker yet enigmatic figure of Oppenheimer.

Will the long-awaited live-action and biggest marketing ploy ever seen of the world’s most famous doll prevail? Or will the gripping story of the man many regard as the creator of destruction dominate the spotlight on the big screen in summer 2023?

Both films have been scheduled to be released simultaneously in cinemas on the 21st of July, which has led to great anticipation and speculation as to which one will dominate the box office.

With the Barbie vs Oppenheimer competition getting fierce, the question that remains is: who would you bet on to be the box office champion?

By analysing the box office odds for Barbie vs. Oppenheimer, we can make some interesting predictions about how each will perform on the big screen. Both films have unique appeals and a diverse target audience, which makes the contest even more exciting.

Barbie – Warner Bros

On the one hand, we have the much-loved Barbie doll, an iconic figure that has crossed generations and won the hearts of children and adults alike. Greta Gerwig’s direction brings an innovative approach to the Barbie story which brings it back to a Gen Z inclusive taste, where it is certainly a powerful asset to conquer the box office.

Barbie vs Oppenheimer
Margot Robbie as the iconic Barbie doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken!

Margot Robbie, the mega-talented actress who has already shone as Harlequin, and Ryan Gosling, an iconic Hollywood figure, recognised for his roles in films such as “Drive” and “La La Land” play the most famous plastic couple. They not only bring to life the “traditional” versions of Barbie and Ken in “Barbie”, the latest Warner Bros. release, they give a completely 21st century twist to the couple. The film is already breaking records for advance online ticket sales and reaping controversy amongst those who loved and hated the movie.

Mattel, the company behind the Barbie toy, has made a massive investment in marketing, and the film itself has secured several partnerships with clothing and toy shops, as well as releasing an exclusive album with today’s most popular and influential pop singers, including names like Nicki Minaj and Billie Eilish. It all points to imminent success!

Barbie is a true star, present not only in children’s toys, but also in fashion, online games, cinema, literature, theatre shows, TV programmes and more!

Oppenheimer – Universal Pictures

oppenheimer film cillian murphy
Cillian Murphy brings physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to the screens in a striking and engaging performance.

On the other side, we dive into the fascinating story of the American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, whose life will be brought to life by the talented Cillian Murphy, with the participation of Robert Downey Jr, AKA Iron Man. This brilliant mastermind was behind the creation of the atomic bomb, and now, his story will be retold by the hands of renowned film director Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan is recognised in Hollywood for his genius in directing, screenwriting and storytelling, as well as his unique and innovative style. Nolan is the name behind acclaimed films such as Inception, Batman: The Dark Knight and Interstellar.

Oppenheimer’s true story is also one that we all remember from our childhood, in the darkest part of school’s history lessons. This film is an unmissable trip back in time, showing the world was never the same after this iconic event. It is sure to pique everyone’s interest, driving them to the cinemas to learn more about the story that has shaped modern humanity and politics.

Expectations are high as the director’s genius and Oppenheimer’s fascinating narrative combine to create an immersive and memorable film experience.

Barbie vs Oppenheimer box office predictions

Initial box office predictions for the Barbie vs Oppenheimer films suggested a close contest, but the current scenario reveals a clear advantage going to the Barbie movie.

barbie vs oppenheimer forecast graph
Barbie vs Oppenheimer box office forecast!

The Gerwig-directed film, starring the iconic Barbie doll, has seen its estimates nearly double to an impressive $93 million, far exceeding original projections of $70 million to $80 million.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer’s debut faces challenges in its box office journey. Renowned director Christopher Nolan’s film is projected to open with around $40 million, less than half of Barbie’s opening projections.

What are the reasons behind these Barbie vs Oppenheimer odds?
Now that we know who’s in the lead to win the biggest box office bet of the American summer, we have to know what’s behind these odds. That is, what are the main reasons why Barbie has the initial advantage over Oppenheimer?

Key differences between the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer

Indicative rating of the films:

One of the possible reasons that may be impacting Oppenheimer’s performance is its R rating, indicating that it is intended for people aged 17 and over. This rating restricts the film’s target audience, making it more suitable for an adult audience.

On the other hand, Barbie has a PG-13 rating, meaning that its content may contain some content unsuitable for children under 13. But this rating makes the Barbie film more accessible and family-friendly and with a wide audience, including teens and families.

This difference in ratings can influence the reach and appeal of each film at the box office, as the rating can be a determining factor for parents and guardians when choosing a film to watch with their children.

⌛ Length of films:

Oppenheimer boasts a three-hour running time, which may be a challenge to attract audiences, especially compared to Barbie’s more concise length of 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Barbie vs Oppenheimer Box Office Analysis

As the competition plays out at the box office, it seems like the Barbie movie is clearly leading the way, with impressive box office projections. Oppenheimer, on the other hand, faces significant obstacles that may limit its reach and appeal to audiences.

In the end, the real winner will be the film industry, especially the Hollywood giants Universal and Warner Bros. It is up to the audience to choose between the magic of Barbie or the fascinating journey of Oppenheimer, making this duel at the box office a truly entertaining show in itself.

The outcome of this dispute promises to be an interesting story to follow in the coming weeks.

Do people actually place real money bets on film releases?

Of course, we’ve all been in a betting pool with friends, whether it’s who will win the main Oscars or who will win the BBB, which is great fun but obviously informal.

While it may seem a little unusual to bet on which of these two big films will reach the highest worldwide box office of 2023, there are now numerous options beyond the traditional ones that you can venture into, bet on, and come away with real money!

What else can you bet on apart from sports?

Special eventsBetting on non-sporting events, such as election results or winners of reality TV shows like Eurovision or Big Brother
eSportsBetting on video game competitions, which have become very popular in recent years.
Financial marketsInvesting in financial assets, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, among others, can be considered a form of betting for some.
EntertainmentBetting on entertainment-related events, such as film or music award ceremonies, for example.
Horse and Greyhound RacingBetting on the outcomes of horse or greyhound (a breed of dog) races is very popular in some countries
Games of SkillParticipants compete against each other in activities such as chess, darts, snooker, among others
Marbles racesPlayers bet on marbles, choosing which one will win a race on a specific course
️ TemperaturesBettors make predictions on the temperature at a specific place and time. Each bettor chooses a value or temperature range, and the one who comes closest to the actual temperature is the winner of the bet.

Finally, we can conclude that the safest bet would be on Barbie (2023), which broke the record for ticket pre-sales, is with very aggressive and diversified marketing, has a much broader and more loyal audience than Oppenheimer (2023).

…So, which of the two films will you bet betting on? Regardless of who you bet as the winner, be sure to check out these two great productions exclusively in cinemas!

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Common questions about Barbie vs Oppenheimer sales: who will win? All bets are off!
What is Barbieheimer?
Barbieheimer is a name given to the phenomenon of releasing two of the most anticipated films of recent years, "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer", on the same weekend.
When do the films "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" come out in cinemas?
Both "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" are due to be released in cinemas on Thursday, 20 July 2023.
What is the best bet on Barbie vs Oppenheimer?
The best bet in Barbie vs Oppenheimer betting is currently Barbie, raking higher in the first weekend paying out £1.45 to 1.