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Gaming on a budget? Play online casino games for just 1p

Aug 17, 2016
Written by Philippe
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How does the chance of winning the big money from just a penny sound? Too good to be true, I know. However, here at LadyLucks we provide for all, and if you have just 1p to spare for the casino we will still give you the chance to have some excitement and a thrill.

Penny Play

You can’t even buy sweets for a penny nowadays, so it really is a bargain – get involved!

What’s more, there are many games available for you to play!

What can you play?

The best thing about this fantastic opportunity for players is that you are not restricted to just a few games.

Nope, there are loads that you can play, we will only cover some of the more popular ones here.

Cleopatra is one of our most popular slots, with the chance to win 10,000x your bet if you manage to nab the five symbols. Not bad from a penny, eh?

As well as that, Pirates of Chance, Money Beach, Pots O’Plenty and War Zone are just a handful of the games that will allow you to play for just a penny and win the big jackpots.

Plus, just visit our site for all of the games available, you will be in shock!

Experience the excitement

As mentioned, there are many games for you to play, but they are also great games.

The slots that we have are quick, exciting, fun and provide you with a great chance of getting a win.

With bright colours, excellent graphics and many paylines, there are so many reasons for you to get involved.

For 1p it is the chance of a lifetime, you could turn that into a mega win, or even just a few pounds.

But even if you lose, we are convinced you won’t mind too much, our slots will give you value for that penny, rest assured.

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved, it’s a penny! One penny! You literally couldn’t do anything better with that penny, so have some fun with it, pick your favourite slot, have a spin, cross your fingers and who knows, you might hit the jackpot. If you don’t – who cares, it’s 1p. Good luck.

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Common questions about Gaming on a budget? Play online casino games for just 1p
What games can be played for 1p?
Games like Cleopatra, Pirates of Chance, Money Beach, Pots O’Plenty, and War Zone are available to play for just a penny
What makes the 1p slot games exciting?
The 1p slot games at LadyLucks are quick, fun, and come with bright colors, excellent graphics, and multiple paylines, providing a thrilling gaming experience.
What is LadyLucks?
LadyLucks is a casino comparator that finds for you the best casinos and slots in the UK
Which popular slot game is mentioned?
Cleopatra, Pirates of Chance, Money Beach, Pots O’Plenty, and War Zone