MrFavorit Loyalty Program

MrFavorit Loyalty program
Dec 1, 2023
Written by Philippe

This is a special sort of a MrFavorit casino review, in which we look at the loyalty program and also at the MrFavorit VIP bonus. It’s not a secret for anybody that competition is tough among online casinos.

MrFavorit has come up with a new way to grab the attention of potential players and consistently reward them for their continued loyalty. This article will discuss just how this program works in great detail. You will learn how to get rewarded for your loyalty at MrFavorit.

What is the MrFavorit Loyalty Program?

This loyalty program uses a ladder structure; you earn your way up through the various MrFavorit VIP stages. These are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium, and Prestige.

Each new level you climb will give you more reward points that can be used to get bonuses. Climbing up this ladder is an excellent strategy for playing safely and smartly at MrFavorit and leveraging your time and resources in the best way.

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There is one very unique feature of this program. The top two tiers, Premium and Prestige, are by invite only.

Besides that, if you get the invitation, you will also get a custom personalized bonus, designed specifically for you as a player by your personal account manager! This is a new feature that really makes climbing up the ladder worth it in a way other offers do not.

If this sounds interesting to you, we will now discuss in further detail how to become a MrFavorit VIP.

How to take part in the MrFavorit VIP Program?

So how do you go from a new player to the top tier of the VIP program? We have already mentioned that the top two levels are by manager invitation only and these levels have no set or specific criteria at all. The other levels are clearly defined by a point system.

As you earn points you automatically advance from one tier to another and start to reap the benefits. The further up you go, the less money you have to spend per point. You advance along the following lines:

  • 10 points get you to Bronze status
  • 60 points get you to Silver
  • 350 points bring Gold status
  • 1000 gets you Platinum status, with cashback and a personal manager

Terms & Conditions

There aren’t really any limitations necessary for these types of offers. This is because they are conditional offers and you have to do something in-casino to make them happen. As an example, MrFavorit has a “Sunday Spins” program where you get a number of free spins every Sunday, the amount depending on your VIP level.

To access the Sunday Spins, you have to have made a deposit in the past 14 days. Obviously, all the other standard terms and conditions of the casino apply.

What about this loyalty program?

We conclude that this is a new and exciting offer, and moreover, an offer that’s well worth it. This is of course aimed at regular casino players who want to get the maximum value out of the experience.

The more you play, the more this VIP program is going to pay off for you.

The aim is for the more casual players to have an incentive to get more involved with the casino. It seems clear that this type of VIP program is an excellent tool for accomplishing that.

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