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Live out your fantasy in Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns Slot Game

Dec 1, 2016
Written by Philippe

We all love indulging in a little high fantasy every now and then – it’s why the Lord of the Rings series and World of Warcraft games are some of the most popular franchises in the world. Well, if living in a world where wizards and heroes fight dark creatures sounds much more exciting than going to the office every day, we might just have the game for you — introducing Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns.

Be a hero in the Dungeons and Dragons universe


Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most popular table-top RPG games in the world, where players are tasked with creating characters and embarking upon quests across a high fantasy world run by a dungeon master. With dangers lying around every corner, it’s more important than ever to keep your party together in the quest for power, glory and gold!

If this all sounds like your cup of tea then venture into the sparkling Crystal Caverns and hunt for the treasure that lies within.

Our amazing Dungeons & Dragons slot — of which you can find more information on here — takes everything that makes D&D so special. It’s action-packed, full of twists and is perfect for fans of high fantasy.

Fight your way through for a shot at the jackpot

Although Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns looks like a basic slot on the surface, it is jam-packed with bonus features. The most obvious feature is the tumbling reels, where instead of the reels spinning as normal, symbols appear from the top and move down.

The main advantage of this is that winning combinations immediately vanish and more symbols appear, creating a potentially endless stream of combinations — much like how Candy Crush works, for example. This is just one aspect of this slot we really like, but of course jump on over to our dedicated game page to find out more.

Collect your treasures and get ready to live out your high fantasy dreams. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Dungeons and Dragons or just want to have a taste of adventure, the Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns slot is sure to entice you.

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