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LadyLucks’ Guide to Las Vegas

Nov 9, 2016
Written by Philippe

Las Vegas, for newbies, is one of the most daunting yet exciting places to visit in the world. Jam-packed with casinos, malls and amazing restaurants, it’s the place that most wish to visit in their lifetime.

So, if you’re thinking of heading to Las Vegas this winter, but not quite sure where to start — don’t fear, as LadyLucks Casino has come up with the perfect gambler’s guide to Sin City.

We’ll go through everything you need to know from cheap drinks, to not getting shafted by the locals at poker.

Drink for a dollar at the Wynn

Wynn Casino Las Vegas | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

While it’s pretty common knowledge that casinos throw drinks at their players to keep them merry (and not at their best playing potential), the standard of alcohol can be pretty low.

After all, you can’t really expect them to dish out the top-quality booze for free. Fortunately, Wynn Casino has a reputation of dishing out some of the best free drinks in Vegas.

From mojitos to branded spirits, you’ll be downing $10 drinks like there’s no tomorrow (drink responsibly, of course); just remember to throw your server a dollar every now and then and they’ll keep you topped up all night.

Of course, this is a great way to get tipsy before you head to the club, so play first and party later.

Wynn also has a pretty nifty Koi Pond, which is arguably the most relaxing room on the strip — but it’s a big secret, so shhhhh.

Hit the bar and make some new friends

Bars off the beaten track in vegas | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

Those circular bars packed full of edgy bartenders and pricey spirits aren’t a rarity in Las Vegas, they’re in every single casino on the strip.

Here, and not the club, is where you need to be as there’s no cover charge and it’s where  all the tourists generally hangout.

You don’t want to mingle with the locals, as they’re in the venue for one reason — to win.

Of course, you’re going to win, but you’re also there for fun; which is why the circle bar, where other like-minded individuals congregate — is the place to hang out.

Some of the best circle bars around include Eyecandy, Venetian’s Oculus, Mandalay’s and Hard Rock’s Center Bar.

Hit the Sportsbook for a change!

Las vegas Sportsbooks | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

While betting on sports is illegal in most states, it’s very much the norm (and legal) in Vegas.

If you’re looking to add some spice to American Sports — because admittedly, they’re a little dull to us UK-ers — head on over to the MGM Grand, which while isn’t the most up-to-date sportsbook, it’s certainly the most energetic.

These gambling hubs contain fellow sports fans who’ll whoop and cheer whatever the result, just as long as someone is winning.

Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, it’s worth going for the atmosphere alone.

Head to the Las Vegas local hot-spots

The Bellagio Las Vegas | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand — sure, these tourist magnets are amazing, but not for locals.

For anybody looking to just ‘play’ then Fremont Street, or ‘downtown’ hosts all the classic casinos — El Cortez, Four Queens, Binion’s, and of course while they’re not as fancy as their Las Vegas opposites, they do offer some of the cheapest table games in the state, along with the most player-favourable rules.

And while you’re there, it would be scandalous to not pay hipster hangouts a visit, such as Don’t Tell Mama (piano bar), Beauty Bar (local band hot-spot) and Insert Coins (a classic video arcade bar).

Give gambling a rest and go shopping

Shopping Malls in Las Vegas | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

Every big casino, without fail, will have a shopping boutique — which host a grand array of shopping outlets, from Mimi Mango to Dolce & Gabbana.

Of course, these shops are aimed at those who’ve just hit the big-time and want to splash out, so you might want to avoid these — but if your partner loves gambling, why not head out for some retail therapy.

A couple do have some amazing malls attached to them though, such as the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, or Caesars’ Forum Shops.

And, if you’re afraid of the outside world, the two mentioned malls have sky-painted ceilings — which means you don’t even have to step outside.

Pretend to be a high roller and reap the benefits

VIP blackjack table | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

It’s no secret that casinos offer benefits to their high rollers, but unfortunately most of us don’t have the cash to play at the level required to get the casino’s attention.

But, if you were to take out a $5,000 marker with the intention of only spending $500, this might pique the interests of the casino manager. Who knows, you might end up with a free room, show tickets, free meals, or at the very least just feel like a big-shot.

And in the very best scenario, you might even win!

Bet the pass line

Play Casino Craps | LadyLucks Mobile Casino

Craps, craps, craps — it sounds like a swear word, but it’s the most exciting game on the market. You’ll often find excitable tourists huddling around a single table, cheering and bleating at just the roll of the dice.

All you need to do is bet the pass line, that’s it! If everyone starts cheering then you’ve probably won, while if it all goes quiet, you’ve lost.

That’s okay though, because it’s all part of the excitement, and you might make some new friends in the process.

The pass line is probably the closest to a 50/50 bet you’re going to get at the casino (apart from the don’t pass line, but you shouldn’t bet on that as it’ll annoy the rest of the table).

So, there you have it — a few Las Vegas secrets to get you started. If you’ve got friends on their way to Vegas then why not share our tips with them, or drop us a comment below if you think we’ve missed anything.

Either way, good luck when you visit USA’s greatest state.

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