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Gambling Streaming: Twitch and other platforms

Jun 9, 2023
Written by Philippe
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The esports and streaming industry is already worth billions. Indeed, the rise of streaming in the igaming world and the Twitch phenomenon have affected online gambling practices with operators and gamers looking to occupy this space. However, casinos and gamers wanting to engage in online casino games streaming will find themselves navigating growing regulation and policies online. On October 18th 2022, Twitch banned streams from online casino sites like Stake and Rollbit, after implementing a policy preventing the streaming of online gambling. We’ve looked into the biggest gaming streaming platform, Twitch, and its complex relationship with gambling, as well as the current state of online gambling within the streaming world.

In this article, we will review the current state of the gambling and streaming industry, discussing platform policies, legal considerations, alternative gambling streaming options, and the potential for remuneration.

Esports and online betting facts:

League of LegendsThe go-to game for esports betting enthusiasts
14%The esports industry growth rate predicted for 2021-2028
18-25 years oldThe age of 80% of players placing esports bets
Some key facts on the esports gambling industry

In summary:

  • The esports streaming industries continue to grow at a rapid pace
  • The esports and live games trend has pushed popularity of live dealer table games and other live gambling games
  • Dedicated platforms are emerging for publishing gambling-related content and are gaining popularity within the gambling streaming community
  • Regulations and consumer protection measures are being implemented to address concerns regarding unregulated gambling sites and ensure fair and safe experiences for viewers and participants.

Twitch’s Complex Relationship with Gambling Streaming

Twitch’s Ban on Unregulated Gambling Sites

Twitch, the leading streaming platform, used to be popular for gambling streams too until it implemented a policy targeting gambling streaming in October 2022 that resulted in bans on unregulated sites like Stake and Rollbit. The intention behind the ban was to address concerns over unregulated offshore gambling sites operating without oversight. This lack of oversight raised questions regarding fairness and consumer protection, prompting Twitch to take action. Twitch defended it’s new policy as a way to protect the streaming community which was being directed to unsafe sites.

Can you stream gambling on twitch?

⚠️ Any content related to unregulated online casinos sites is now banned on Twitch.

Twitch guidelines for gambling streaming:

  • Links or affiliate codes to sites with slots, roulette, or dice games are prohibited on Twitch.
  • Several gambling sites, including Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits, and Roobet, are not allowed to be streamed or linked in chat on Twitch.
  • Twitch considers factors like safety protections, licensing, and geoblocking evasion when determining if a site is allowed.

Streamers who violate Twitch’s rule concerning online gambling may face harsh punishments, including permanent bans from the platform. Indeed, when the new policy was implemented many Stake streamers saw themselves removed.

Dan Clancy, Twitch’s CEO, explained that the problem for Twitch lies not with gambling but with unlicensed casino sites that do not ensure fair odds for safe gaming. The ban is therefore explained more as a ban on unregulated sites than on gambling streaming itself, and the CEO does express his personal opinion as “open” to lifting these bans if the sites became regulated by governing bodies.

The Rise of Alternative Streaming Platforms

The response to Twitch’s ban on gambling streams has been the emergence of alternative streaming platforms specialising in gambling content. Whilst the slots meta has seen a big decrease in polarity on the streaming giant platform, Twtich, other platforms and streamers took it in their own hands to open new channels for streaming gambling games. Tyler Niknam, aka TrainwrecksTV, is a popular Stake streaming who has been vocal in expressing his disappointment in Twitch’s new policies and decided to create a new streaming platform, Kick, as an alternative to Twitch., backed by the crypto casino Stake itself, has attracted many streamers and viewers looking for gambling streaming content. However, it is important to approach these alternative platforms with caution, as controversies and uncertainties surround their operations.

What Does It Mean for Players?

  • Streamers will not find gambling content connected to unregulated casinos on Twitch, including links or affiliate codes
  • Creating content in relation to unlicensed online casinos will result in a ban from Twitch
  • New platforms such as Kick, Trovo or YouTube Gaming, are offering gambling-related content as an alternative to Twitch with a more lenient approach to gambling streams

Legality of Streaming Gambling Games on Different Streaming Platforms

Twitch’s ban primarily targeted unregulated online casino sites rather than gambling itself. This means that streaming online casino and betting games that comply with the gambling regulations and consumer protection laws of most major countries may be considered for unbanning on Twitch. It is crucial for streamers to be aware of and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding online gambling when considering streaming such content.

  • Twitch: The ban primarily targeted unregulated online casino sites. Streaming gambling games that comply with regulations and consumer protection laws of most major countries may be considered for unbanning on Twitch.
  • This alternative platform is associated with gambling and offers a more lenient approach to gambling streams. However, the legal implications and regulations surrounding gambling streams on may vary by jurisdiction.
  • YouTube Gaming: Streaming gambling content on YouTube Gaming is subject to the platform’s community guidelines and policies. It is important to adhere to local laws and regulations when streaming gambling games on this platform.
  • Trovo: Similar to other platforms, the permissibility of streaming gambling games on Trovo depends on adherence to local laws and the platform’s terms of service.

4 Alternatives to Twitch for Esports Gambling Streaming

As Twitch cracked down on unregulated gambling sites, alternative platforms like Kick have emerged to fill the empty space. These platforms provide opportunities for streamers interested in gambling-related content to showcase their skills and engage with viewers. Exploring these alternatives may offer new avenues for sharing a passion for online casino and betting games. However, it is important for streamers to carefully evaluate the potential controversies and uncertainties surrounding these alternative platforms before fully embracing them.

  1. Stake’s Kick: A popular alternative platform known for its gambling-related content and lenient approach to streaming. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate the controversies and uncertainties surrounding this platform before fully embracing it.
  2. YouTube Gaming: A well-established streaming platform that has tried to enter the gambling streaming market. Streaming gambling games on YouTube Gaming may provide exposure to a large audience, but adherence to community guidelines and policies is crucial.
  3. Trovo: A smaller streaming platform that has gained popularity among streamers. While Trovo allows gambling streams, compliance with local laws and platform policies is essential.
  4. DLive 

Remuneration for Gambling Streams: can you earn money from streaming?

Financial rewards are a key consideration for streamers interested in gambling streaming as a way to make money. While Twitch’s ban primarily targeted unregulated sites, streamers who prominently promote online casinos may face limitations on monetisation.

One of Kick’s key selling points for streamers is its 95/5 split for any revenue made on its platform to streamers… however there are concerns over a lack of clear T&Cs which could might make this offer more appealing than real.

The Future of Gambling Streaming and Esports

For players interested in streaming their online gambling games or watching these streams, the world of esports and gambling streaming offers excitement, challenges, and potential rewards. However, as the esports and streaming industries continue to grow, it evolves in an uncertain landscape. Twitch’s ban on unregulated gambling sites has created opportunities for alternative platforms, though these platforms lack of regulation could also be less safe for players. The regulations and consumer protection measures will play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of gambling streams. Streamers and viewers alike should stay informed about industry developments and evolving regulations to effectively navigate this space.

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Yes, you can stream live gambling games on YouTube Gaming.
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League of Legends is the most popular and widely streamed game on Twitch.