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Can ChatGPT help gamblers? Uses of ChatGPT in gambling and sportsbetting

Jul 12, 2023
Written by Philippe
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0’s ChatGPT, the (in)famous conversational AI whose capacity to offer insights on basically everything and anything, requires no formal introduction. The world’s new favourite robot has quickly made its way into every aspect of our lives, from helping with work assignments to assisting in planning our next holidays. However, has it – and indeed, to what extent can it help players of online casinos and sportsbooks? 

AI and online games

The development of artificial intelligence has historically been intricately linked to games, from the 1997 famous defeat of Gary Kasparov, the world’s (human) chess champion by IBM’s Deep Blue, to the even more mind-boggling victory of Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo in the game of Go in 2016 against the defending champion Lee Se-Dol. After that, breakthrough after breakthrough have come from the AI world and have almost stopped surprising us… until, skip to 2022, the newcomer ChatGPT came on the scene.

With the rise of programming, we’ve seen casinos launch into the digital space, with innovators such as Ladylucks offering the first mobile casino in the UK or Slotsmillion using virtual reality (VR). Just like any online game, online casinos leverage the power of AI’s algorithmic language to make players’ experience fun and safe, from providing us with the mechanisms for randomised luck, to an appealing user interface which mimics and even enhances the real-life experience of playing at a casino. 

For sportsbooks, AI algorithms calculating data feeds is precisely how bookies set odds. However, now the power of AI is at everyone’s fingertips, giving bettors potentially as much power as their bookies. Betting, as with games like poker and blackjack, are numbers games. So the faster and better you can calculate, the most likely you are to win. With tools like ChatGPT offering their full algorithmic power to players for solving complex tasks such as calculating odds and coming up with quick strategies, it’s not surprising that more and more bettors, and even casino players, are using ChatGPT. But is ChatGPT actually that useful for gamblers?

So, how useful is ChatGPT when it comes to online casino games and sportsbetting?

ChatGPT’s algorithm is a predictive language model. Its algorithm takes your input and generates a response based on huge amounts of data, which it’s been taught to analyse and recognise patterns in language. This means its output is a result of determining the most statistically relevant word that comes next: it gives one word after another in terms of statistical probability from the prompt you’ve given and the data it has. ChatGPT’s “intelligence” is therefore purely statistical and linguistic.  

What can ChatGPT actually do for bettors? 

In general, ChatGPT’s strength lies in its ability to analyse a lot of data quickly, and in responding to individual prompts. 

  • It can help you make more informed betting decisions by analysing data: given the data from past performance for a team or a championship, ChatGPT can identify patterns and trends
  • It can provide real-time insights by analysing lots of data quickly and in real time (but for this you’d need API integrations to feed it information directly!)
  • It can offer personalised recommendations depending on a bettor’s preferences and budget
  • It can identify betting opportunities and provide strategies
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What about ChatGPT for online casinos games?

ChatGPT can also help you in games of skill such as poker and table blackjack. How?

  • tell ChatGPT your current hand is
  • report on the dealer’s visible card
  • get a recommendation on your next move. So whether to hit or split, or stay as you are in blackjack.

Overall, ChatGPT can help you finetune your predictions when it comes to placing a bet or playing your next move in a cards game by its capacity to offer analysis and strategy

Finally, ChatGPT can also help you gamble more responsibly, by giving you financial advice to budget more wisely when it comes to gambling. If you need help with gambling addiction, ChatGPT can also help you by pointing you to associations or best practices to follow. ChatGPT could be a helpful safe space for you to have an honest conversation if you need help, but make sure it’s a first stop to getting help, not a dead end.

The dangers & limitations of ChatGPT in betting:

  • Don’t get too confident from speaking to ChatGPT. Talking to ChatGPT might make you more likely to take risks you wouldn’t take “on your own”… but ChatGPT might only be endorsing your prompts. Remember that its output depends on your input, which might not be unbiased or fully accurate
  • ChatGPT can’t predict the future! Always remember that ChatGPT doesn’t actually know what it’s saying
  • ChatGPT cannot help in games of luck. If you see someone claiming they can use ChatGPT to win the lottery, don’t believe them! ChatGPT will therefore not help you win games like slots or roulette.
  • ChatGPT 3.5 free version does not have access to the internet, its sources can be outdated or wrong. We therefore don’t recommend you ask ChatGPT directly for advise on the best casinos, bonuses or high-RTP slots game. It’s best to find a reliable source such as Ladylucks reviews to educate yourself on casinos and get bonus codes, or to read up on online casino games and how to play them.
  • ChatGPT can’t actually get live data by itself, you would need to find an API integration that works
  • Availability & pricing: since its launch, ChatGPT’s popularity has gotten the better of it. Access is not always guaranteed (it you haven’t come across its frustrating “Oops! Our systems are a bit busy at the moment…” message, count yourself lucky) and to access more advanced features such as GPT 4 model, you will need to pay. 

What prompts could you use before placing a bet?

Whatever you do, DO NOT simply ask “will my team win this match?” with no context. Here’s some examples to get you started:

  1. Give it a situation: “Act like a sports analyst…”
  2. Give data on past performances: “From this information, make a prediction for who will win, and how many goals will be scored”.

    Remember, the more information you give it, the better. Keep data simple, neutral, and accurate.

What about you, have you used ChatGPT in an online games and betting context? Were you happy with the advice ChatGPT gave you? Let us know below 🙂

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ChatGPT can assist gamblers by analyzing data quickly and providing responses to prompts, which can be useful for calculating odds and devising strategies in games of skill like poker and blackjack.
How Does AI Influence Online Casinos?
AI algorithms enhance online casino experiences by ensuring randomized outcomes and creating engaging user interfaces, similar to the advancements seen in mobile and VR casinos.
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ChatGPT can provide financial guidance to help users budget wisely for gambling and offer support for gambling addiction by directing them to helpful resources.
What Shouldn’t Be Asked to ChatGPT in Gambling Contexts?
It’s not advisable to ask ChatGPT to predict the outcome of a match without context, as its capabilities are statistical and linguistic, not predictive.