Best smartphones 2020 for mobile casino

5 smartphones of 2020 for mobile casino

Aug 3, 2020
Written by Philippe

Having a phone that lets you play on the go is a lifesaver for gamers. It means you can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and still be able to play the fantastic slots games at LadyLucks Casino.

Whether you’re a fan of online slots, roulette or live blackjack, the mobile phone is the perfect tool to entertain yourself on public transport, in a waiting room or simply from the comfort of your couch.

Basic Features Essential

To play online casino games on a smartphone, the device must have good connectivity. You will then have to choose between Android and iOS, two operating systems that allow you to play directly online on dedicated sites via the browser. All in all, this corresponds to 90% of existing mobiles.

Couple playing online casino on a smartphone

For example, if you just want to access a UK online casino, no need for additional features. But of course, your smartphone won’t be used only for that.

If you have the soul of a photographer, then you’ll need to opt for models with zoom and brightness adapter for taking holiday or professional photos. You can then enjoy yourself by taking selfies or posting photos of your adventures while having a very good phone to play at an online casino.

As mentioned above, connectivity is also important, whether you want to access your phone’s shopping store (Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS) or play online. Your phone’s RAM will therefore be essential: if 1GB of RAM was the average for basic use until now, the best smartphones today have 10GB of RAM, convenient for playing mobile games other than slot machines and live table games.

More advanced mobile technologies

In just 10 years, smartphone technologies have evolved enormously and today 80% of British adults have a phone with gaming capabilities. But for some, it’s becoming more than that: with the advent of virtual reality and other innovative technologies, the smartphone is becoming the king of all possibilities.

That’s why we offer you a selection of the best smartphones of 2020 that will cover all your needs, from playing online at the casino on your favourite site to taking photos and videos of moments you want to immortalise, all within your budget.

Our recommendations for the best smartphones to play mobile casino games in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus: the best of 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20

If you’re looking for the best smartphone for mobile casino games in 2020, then the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 should be top of your list. This is because these two smartphones pack lots of great features that will enable you to play casino games smoothly.

First, let’s talk about the processor. To get the most out of smartphone gambling, you need a powerful gadget that will be able to run games efficiently. Fortunately, the Samsung S20 and S20 Plus incorporate a 2.73 GHz Octa-core processor. Now that’s a great deal of power for you.

Secondly, the phones are built with a 6.2-inch high-resolution screen. The big screen makes it possible for you to comfortably view live roulette or blackjack tables when playing live casino. The high resolution, on the other hand, offers sufficient capability for running HD casino games.

With all these features, the devices don’t come cheap. You can get the Galaxy S20/S20 Plus for £799.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9: best value for money

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 also makes it to our best smartphone for online casino gaming list. Although it packs features that are near equivalent to the Samsung S20 series, this gadget offers a gambling experience at a greatly reduced cost.

As our 2020 best budget handset, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is a good example of what you should expect from a gambling smartphone. In fact, you will be impressed by its performance because it doesn’t fall short in any aspect considering its low price.

In addition to that, the device comes with a powerful 2 GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio processor, to ensure your games load efficiently. What’s more, it integrates a larger screen (6.53 inches) than Samsung’s to give you a better interface when playing your casino games.

If you are craving the best gambling phone but your wallet is a bit tight, consider buying this phone, which retails for only £189.

Samsung Galaxy M31: you’ll never run out of battery power again

Samsung Galaxy M31

One of the desirable traits in a gambling smartphone is long battery life and the Samsung Galaxy M31 scores high on this parameter. Typically, many modern smartphones cannot hold their charge for more than a day, but for this one, the reverse is actually true.

Fitted with a powerful 6,000mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy M31 can hold sufficient charge for over a day while playing videos. Now that is quite some duration of time, making it a very good choice for a gambling smartphone. This means that you can enjoy live casino on the go without worrying that your battery will drain off.

Apart from the battery power, this device also incorporates a 2.3 GHz Octa-core processor to run your casino games flawlessly. Rest assured, it is among the most efficient smartphones you can find out there.

If battery power is what you want, consider getting the Samsung Galaxy M31 for £245.

Nokia 1.3: a solid budget pick under £100

Nokia 1.3

Another smartphone that is still great but comes at a budget price is the Nokia 1.3. This phone serves as the perfect case of not judging something solely according to its price. This is because the Nokia 1.3 is capable of everything you would wish for in a gambling smartphone.

What’s more, you can get ten of these smartphones for the equivalent price of just one Galaxy S20. Although there may be some limitations in performance and internal storage (16GB), you can still play your casino games smoothly.

The 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor also has adequate capability for running live casino games. You might wish for a high-end handset, but if your finances are a bit limited, this one will do just fine.

All in all, when it boils down to affordability without compromising on reliability, there you have it. Get the Nokia 1.3 smartphone at a pocket-friendly price of only £80.

iPhone SE (2020): the best affordable iPhone

iPhone SE 2020

Lastly, the iPhone SE will also give you great gaming capability at a lower price. It shares a similar design to the iPhone 8 but offers better value in terms of affordability.

However, it’s not all about the low price, but what the iPhone SE can deliver while playing your casino games. This is because the smartphone integrates a 2.65 GHz Hexa-core Bionic processor to ensure that your games load without any hitches.

The powerful processor also means that you will get the same great performance as other phone brands but at a more affordable price. The only limitation is the short life span of the battery, which will force you to always have a power pack within close reach.

Nevertheless, if your budget cannot stretch to higher performance handsets, then this one will be worth it.

Cheap, but still very impressive, you can grab it at a price of £419.

What about the iPhone 11 Pro?

We recommend the iPhone 11 Pro only if you have a large budget, if you are a high roller for example. Its price exceeds £1,000 so it is not suitable for all budgets but it obviously has the qualities required to play casino games since it is the best iPhone today and one of the best smartphones of 2020.

But who knows, maybe you’ll manage to win enough money from the online casino to give it to yourself as a gift?

Don’t worry if you can’t afford one of our recommended gaming phones – mobile casino games are designed to work on any smartphone handset, so there’s no need to upgrade.

But if you are in the market for a new phone, any of the above devices are sure to make your gaming experience just that little bit better, especially the Samsung Galaxy M31 since its battery will allow you to make long gaming sessions without fear of running out of power.

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