Well done to the big winners at LadyLucks!

Well done to the big winners at LadyLucks!

Aug 25, 2016

At LadyLucks we love giving back to the players. Whether it’s a great offer for our casino page, that will give you a bonus on our brilliant blackjack tables, or free spins on our themed slots, there is always something for you to take advantage of. We also run various tournaments and give away prizes to some of the luckier players out there, and now it’s time to tell you who won what!

Yep, from a bundle of cash to a sweets voucher, there are a range of prizes that we have given away recently.

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What was up for grabs?

Quite a lot, actually.

Starting with the main prize, and in a single spin of the Transformers slot, a huge £4,630 was scooped by Stephen, who was the lucky one. You can have a lot of fun with that money Stephen, spend it wisely.

The other prize for the transformers tournament saw Janet win a two-day hire of the Chevrolet Camaro, which is a beauty of a car! With a sports look, great engine, and range of features, she will be having fun on the roads with this prize.

Summer Giveaway

While they were the main prizes, and what great prizes they were, we also had our own summer giveaway that involved a variety of smaller prizes to some more lucky players.

Darren managed to scoop a cinema pass for two, so get looking for the newest releases!

Sharon won a Thomas Cook voucher, and with the summer still here that will come in handy no doubt, while Daniel got his hands on a 0.23-Carat Round Diamond! That sounds very generous of us.

Finally, congratulations to Sue who won a sweets voucher as part of our summer giveaway.

All delighted, no doubt, and that could be you. Simply keep an eye on our promotions page, play any games that you need to qualify for the bonuses and have fun. From huge cash prizes to vouchers, there are so many more reasons other than our fantastic games to play with LadyLucks! It could be you next time. Good luck.

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