The LadyLucks Roulette Masters Tournament Rules

The LadyLucks Roulette Masters Tournament Rules

Mar 15, 2016

The hotly anticipated LadyLucks Roulette Masters is merely weeks away. With the first finalist already selected and the second qualifying heat nearing a close, the rules that will govern the tournament has been established as the following:

Article 1. Location, duration and attendance requirements
1. The LadyLucks Roulette Masters Tournament Final will be held at Sunborn Casino, on 9th of April 2016.

2. Participation in the Tournament means acceptance of these Rules.


Article 2. General terms and conditions of IGT Roulette Tournament

1. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

2. During the LadyLucks Roulette Masters Tournament, European Roulette with rules modified to suit the event will be played.

3. The table number and seat number shall be assigned to players in lots drawing prior to the commencement of the tournament. Players will not be allowed to trade seat assignments.

4. Only the registered player may participate, substitutes will not be permitted.

5. Each player shall place bets solely by turn in the layout assigned to him/her in the lots drawing. One colour per player is allowed.

6. Each player shall be obliged to participate in each spin as long as he/she possess enough chips to make a minimum bet.

7. All bets must be in multiples of 5 with a minimum bet of 100 points, and a maximum bet of 2000 points.

8. The tournament chips possessed by the players following the completion of each round shall be returned to the coordinator, shall not be subject to exchange into other chips or cash, and shall not be allowed to use in other games.

9. All tournament chips must remain in full view of the tournament staff and players at all times. Chip lending, borrowing or exchange between players shall be forbidden. Noncompliance shall result in the player being disqualified.

10. A player may never touch another player’s chips. If a chip falls on the floor the casino Supervisor will retrieve it.

11. Inappropriate behaviour or horse play shall result in respective player being disqualified.

12. Coaching of participants is not allowed.

13. Each player shall be entitled to step out of the competition at any time without the right to claim return of the fees.

14. No written or electronic aids are permitted during the tournament session. No mobile phones or communication devices are permitted; iPod, headsets etc.

Article 3. The Rules for Individual Competition

I. Rounds

1. The Final can involve up to 6 players.

2. A total of 5 rounds will be played.

3. Each round lasts 10 spins.

4. After completion of each round, the player with the lowest amount of chips will be eliminated. If the players are 5 or less, the elimination rule changes according to the tournament manager’s decision.

5. Each player shall receive tournament chips worth 10,000 points.

6. A rotating marker will be used to indicate “the first bettor”. Players will be required to bet in order. Bets are to be placed within 30 seconds and once a bet is placed into the betting area the player may not alter it.

7. Betting out of turn will not be accepted and the bet will be returned to the player who might also receive a verbal warning by the tournament leader.

8. The tournament leader’s decision regarding the total amount of the bet is final.

9. Betting over the maximum will result into a forced maximum bet of 2.000 points.

10. The dealer will spin the ball when all players finished betting.

11. There will be a count down of all chips on the 5th, 8th and 9th spin of each round. Upon agreement of all participants, the count down might not take place.

12. Where two or more players earn the same score after completion of the final, an extra 5 spins will be carried out as a tie breaker.

13. In the event the extra spins should not end with the final settlement and the players do not have enough tournament chips, they will receive additional 2,000 tournament chips and play 2 extra spins. The outcome of each successive spin determines the winner.

Article 4. Miscellaneous

1. By entering the tournament all entrants agree that Probability (Gibraltar) Ltd and Sunborn Casino may use their name, statements and/or photographs for promotional purposes. Entrants who do not wish for their names/photographs to be used should declare their wishes to the tournament director prior to any photos taken.

2. The decision of Sunborn Casino Management will be final.

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