Roulette Tournament Qualifiers Closed

Roulette Tournament Qualifiers Closed

Apr 4, 2016

The doors have been slammed firmly shut! Qualification for The Roulette Masters tournament is finally over.

We’re pleased to announce the winner from Heat 4 is Jimmy P, who accumulated a total stack of 5865; beating Mohit P in second place by a rather impressive 4398.

This brings the qualification period to an end. The four heats have been intense, but they had to end sometime!

We can now reveal the four lucky winners who will be heading over to Gibraltar to battle it out in the grand final!

The four extremely lucky winners are:

  • Gavin H
  • Keith B
  • Vicki C
  • Jimmy P

We would like to say congratulations to all four of our heat winners, who will be joined by the bad beat wildcard, which is yet to be revealed.

Two days of luxury at The Roulette Masters

All of our heat winners have bagged themselves a luxury trip to Gibraltar, where they will be waited on hand and foot. During their stay they will be wined and dined in the finest restaurants and party at the most exclusive bars in town.

After a long night partying they’ll then hit the hey on the 5-star Super Yacht Hotel – The Sunborn. This is then all topped off with an al-fresco presentation dinner hosted on the penthouse suite’s private deck, surrounded by the stunning view of Morocco.

How will this tournament work?

The grand final will take place on the 9th of April where our four heat winners – and the wild card winner – will do battle with a number of paying entrants to become the greatest roulette player in the world.

It’s a battle of wits and skill as each player starts off with just £1000 in chips and is tasked to create the biggest stack in just 20 spins.

Players who go bust will be eliminated, and with chip counts every five spins the heat is truly on. Contestants do have the option to re-buy on the 11th spin if they’re brave enough.

After 20 spins the winner will be the one who has the highest chip count, and they, along with a prize of £5000 will be crowned the ultimate roulette player!

The Roulette Masters: Prize Allocation
The prize structure for this event is based on a minimum prize pool of £10,00 and is shared out as follows.

  • 1st place will receive 50% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place will receive 25% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place will receive 15% of the prize pool
  • 4th place will receive 10% of the prize pool

Everybody else will win absolutely nothing. There’s no mercy when it comes to The Roulette Masters!

LadyLucks is certainly looking forward to the 9th of April! Remember, you can book your place on the tournament even if you didn’t get through our qualifiers. Packages cost £1,500, or you can make your own way and pay just £250 to enter! Contact Sarah, our VIP manager at for more information.

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