Millions paid out on our Mega Millions jackpot slots! 1

Millions paid out on our Mega Millions jackpot slots!

Nov 22, 2016

Given the choice we offer at LadyLucks, it can often be very hard to decide what to play. Do you want to try your hand at video poker? How about the traditional games like blackjack and roulette? Then there’s the huge range of impressive slots that we have on offer. You really are spoiled for choice.

But, for those of you that want the real big wins, there should only really be one choice – the slots, and especially our mega jackpots.

What can I win from the mega jackpots?

As you will have gathered from the name, these slots give you the chance to win some big money, and we are talking seven figures. Since they began in February 2015, there has been a massive £11m paid out, and that can come from just one spin! Not bad.

Additionally, the mega jackpot prize pools never drop below £500,000, which is a nice sum to be guaranteed if you win.

What slots are they?

Now, all that’s left to do is play the games, and we have more good news for you, because we’ve made an additional game a mega jackpot.

You now have four to play from and they are;

Don’t worry, they’ll be listed as mega jackpots on our slots page, so they’ll be easy enough to find.

Isle O'Plenty

Isle O’Plenty is one of the mega jackpot slots that we have on offer.

Of course, you’re guaranteed the excitement of a regular slot, with bonuses, free spins and multipliers available in your quest for prizes. Then, the standout feature is the mega jackpot that’s on offer.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t require big stakes to play. Of course, the bigger the stake, the bigger the jackpot, but you can still earn massive wins from the minimum bets, so the game is open to all players.

We boast many great games, but we know how many of you seek the big payouts, and if that’s the case, these four slots are ideal for you. Take a chance, have a spin and see if you can add to the millions that we’ve already paid out. Good luck!

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