Marvel’s media properties are looking marvelous

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fabulous, inter-connected web of some of Marvel’s greatest hits. It spans both television and movies. Multi-media distribution – be they web television, films, or even themed slot machines – lets fans get closer to their favourite stories and be more immersed. So we thought it was time for LadyLucks to check out all the new shows that are on offer.

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Not all stories are best told on the silver screen: television offers a way to gain deeper insight into more characters, letting us watch as they develop and resolve more problems. To this end, Marvel have been airing shows on US television as well as creating new Netflix series.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter both gained popularity by expanding on the lives of movie characters, while the new Damage Control will be a half-hour comedy show set in the same world. They aired on ABC, much to the annoyance of UK fans.

Over on Netflix, new heroes have been spreading their wings. Jessica Jones became the first female superhero to helm her own show, while the second season of Daredevil introduced the Punisher who’s also set to get his own series.

Luke Cage is starring in his recently released Netflix show, while Iron Fist is going to be a new TV-series set to air soon; it follows Danny Rand, a martial arts expert torn between his duties and his family, and has been under discussion in some format for over a decade. The Defenders is another soon-to-be-released series, which will see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage team up together – much like The Avengers for the movie franchise.

Future films

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Many of the upcoming films for Marvel’s Phase 3 are sequel movies, building on the success of characters like Iron Man and Captain America. But some new properties have also been announced – such as Doctor Strange, whose movie will star Benedict Cumberbatch and be released very shortly in the US.

Spider-Man is getting another reboot in 2017, but this time will be involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe events rather than being relegated to Sony. The Black Panther movie has also been announced to drop in 2018, following on from the character’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War. It’s going to be the first Marvel film that a person of colour stars in – and it’ll be followed by Captain Marvel, the first female superhero to get top billing.

Black Widow, despite her popularity, hasn’t had a solo movie announced yet. Neither have other Avengers characters like Hawkeye or War Machine. It’ll be interesting to see what other superheroes Marvel brings to the big screen post-2019 – and which might see their stories told on Netflix.

There’s a whole lot of new Marvel content coming our way in the next few years, which is enough to get us excited. And while we can’t all be high rollers like Tony Stark, we can always channel him by trying a few cheeky spins on the slots.