Hit the jackpot with loopy lotto

Here at LadyLucks we give the players a bit of everything. Classic table games like blackjack and roulette, video poker and the bright lights of the slots. The slots are a particular favourite, due to the unpredictability and high jackpots that are on offer. Here we will be focusing on one of our slots – Loopy Lotto, you should definitely check it out.

What’s Loopy Lotto all about?

Well, this is a 5-reel slot that gives players an astonishing 50 paylines. While there are some slots that offer more paylines, this is still one of the higher amounts available, which obviously can make all the spins interesting.

You can check the paytable at the bottom right of your screen which will detail what each symbol is worth and outline all of those ways that you can win.

Loopy Lotto

What’s more, this game is perfectly suitable for all the different types of players. If you are a daring, high roller, ready to risk it all in hope of the big wins, then you can bet up to £50 a spin.

Whereas, if you want to take a more cautious approach, you can bet for just 10p a line! Something for everyone.

Hit the jackpot!

The bonus features and jackpots are what make this slot stand out, and it pays out up to £10,000!

Here are some of the bonuses that will help you towards that pot.

The Lucky Star symbols will substitute for all of the regular symbols in order to give you more chance of creating winning combinations.

The scattered symbols in this game are Lucky Bloke symbols and if you manage to get three of them across the reels you will trigger the bonus spins feature. This will give you the chance to get some serious cash as during the free spins, you will earn multipliers by 2x, 3x and even 5x on your winnings. Not bad.

However, the prizes that you will all be after, are the two jackpots that are on offer, which provide the big wins – including the £10,000.

The first jackpot is the Littl’Un which is triggered by four Loopy Lotto symbols on any active paylines. If you scoop this progressive jackpot you will be quids in!

Yet, there’s an even better jackpot on offer, known as the Big’Un, and this is activated by having five Loopy Lotto symbols in any position on the active paylines. Again, this progressive prize will earn you some serious money, so check it out!

It’s easy to play

The beauty of our mobile gaming is that it’s so simple to play. All you have to do is get your mobile out and you are ready to play. With high quality graphics we will be providing you with the perfect casino experience.

There you go, Loopy Lotto is an extremely popular slot and it’s easy to see why. With huge jackpots up for grabs, you need to get involved! It’s simple to play, and the bright, colourful images will make playing that little bit more appealing. So, over to you, the jackpots are waiting to be won! Good luck.