Get ready for Halloween with the Hexbreaker 2 slot game

Part of gaming is getting unlucky: sometimes you just can’t seem to shake that losing funk. Thankfully for you, one of our great slots is Hexbreaker 2, where bad luck can mean big prizes!

With spooky symbols like black cats and ominous ravens, this is the slot to break any run of bad luck – and it’ll make every day feel a little bit more like Halloween!

Hexbreaker 2 Logo


Make those hexes work for you

The Hexbreaker 2 slot has five reels, set up in a visually appealing 3:4:5:4:3 lay-out. Pay-outs are awarded for match-ups both left to right and right to left, helping five players with a little boost, and it’s easy to play both on desktops and mobiles.

Wild symbols can appear on the centre three reels, and stand in for any of the other symbols save for the special ones.

The Hexbreaker logo is your best bet for big wins: getting five of these on five consecutive reels wins you 2000 coins, which could be multiplied for even bigger payouts.

The Jinx symbol can also help you out: three of them will treble your winnings, while 4 of them increases your bet 20-fold. And if you match five Jinx symbols, you could be looking at a whopping 100 times multiplier on your prize money. It’s just another way that you can make that bad luck pay!

Get lucky in 720 different ways

There’s all kinds of ways to make good money on this spooky slot. With 720 possible winning combinations, you can change your luck quickly too.

Turning your luck around can also come true literally – if you manage to match five upside-down Horseshoe symbols on adjecent reels. It will net you a neat 100 coins, and trigger 10 free spins but with lucky icons, such as four-leaf clovers and number 7s.

The whole game is scored by a creepy soundtrack that really sets the mood: the haunting music will have you on the edge of your seat and shivers running down your spine!

So whether you’ve been in a funk or you just want something that suits the Halloween season, Hexbreaker 2 could be the perfect slot for you!