Experience the mystery of the Sherlock Holmes slot! 1

Experience the mystery of the Sherlock Holmes slot!

Sep 6, 2016

At LadyLucks we have a lot of games that are available for our players. Whether it is fun on the roulette wheel, at the poker table or trying to nab the big jackpots on our slots, there is always something for the players to enjoy. Focusing on our slots, a lot are inspired by our favourite TV shows, and Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood is one that you will be able to recognise and hopefully win big on.

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What it’s about?

Your favourite duo are back, Holmes and Watson of course. With Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock coming out for a fourth season soon, why don’t you get into the spirit of things by playing this slot?

Anyway, about the slot itself. There are five-reels and 30 paylines, and you can play for just 60p a spin, or £300 a spin, so if you’re cautious or a high roller, this game is for you.

This game is based on the 2009 film, so will feature some faces that you may know as symbols. Robert Downey Jr is Sherlock and Jude Law is Holmes, and if you get three or more of their symbols, you will win money. Nice.

As well as some key characters, the other symbols are what you associate with Sherlock Holmes. From magnifying glasses, to violins and a pipe, you will see various symbols and the paytable, which is located at the bottom of the slot, will outline the worth of each symbol.

To alter the stake of your bet, you simply adjust the coin value and hit the spin button in the middle. It couldn’t be easier to play.

Sherlock Holmes

Boost your winnings

Whilst we’re sure that you will love the theme and the ease at which you can play this slot, let’s not kid ourselves. You are here for one reason – to win some money, and this is perfect!

Firstly, the mystery multiplier, which is randomly triggered after you don’t get a bonus in the base game. Then, that spin will be boosted by anything from 2x to 10x!

Another feature is the teamwork, which is also random, and that sees the Holmes and Watson symbols combine as one, which boosts your winnings. What’s more, there’s nothing to stop you having the teamwork bonus and the mystery multiplier at the same time!

You’d think that was enough, but there’s actually more bonuses.

If you manage to get three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, you will activate the Picker Puzzle feature which gives you clues and lead you to more cash prizes and bonuses.

One bonus is the Hunt feature, which will give you anything from 10-20 free spins depending on how many maps you collect in the Picker Puzzle. You could also double your wins with the right spins.

The other bonus is the Blackwood Wheel bonus, where you will have 10 free spins to collect prizes – but it’s important to avoid Blackwood!

As you can tell, the standout aspect of this is the huge range of bonuses that are available for the players. You could seriously boost your pot through the free spins or multipliers, and if that wasn’t enough it’s based around a popular movie and a current TV show. So, whether you are big fans of Sherlock or not, we think you should check this out. With bonuses, great graphics and a simple format that makes it easy to play, you will have fun and be entertained – and hopefully win! Good luck.

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