Coming soon to LadyLucks– Ghostbusters Triple Slime

Coming soon to LadyLucks– Ghostbusters Triple Slime

Apr 24, 2017

If you’re looking for some extra slots excitement, LadyLucks has the perfect solution coming soon. With the Ghostbusters Triple Slime mobile slot, you can recreate all the fun of the Hollywood blockbuster movie with this slick slots game, featuring at least three times the fun, three times the spins and three times the ghosts of any spooky slots game which has gone before!

Ghostbusters fans will be gripped!

Available for mobile or tablet, Ghostbusters Triple Slime should appeal to newcomers and experienced gamers alike, with over 720 ways to win. The game is available in 11 different languages, and a massive 31 different currencies, making it a truly international experience. With a return to player (RTP) ratio of up to 96 per cent on offer, the chances of winning are great too. The pay rates are higher than they are for the typical casual game, and payouts are more frequent too, making this the perfect game for anyone who is interested in collecting cash.

Ghostbusters Bonuses – There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood

The bonuses available at Ghostbusters Triple Slime will appeal to both experienced gamers and newbies alike. If you are familiar with slots games, and looking for something new and exciting, then you will appreciate the MultiWay Xtra gameplay, as well as the dynamic wins which can be gained from the Slimer Scatter Bonus. Newcomers to the world of slots gaming can enjoy the superb animation and visuals, in addition to the high payouts that can result from the Triple Slime Bonus.

Show Your Skills to Claim Bonus Wins!

In the base game, three or more slimer symbols will unlock the on-reel Slimer Scatter Bonus. This can award the player up to five mini wheels, giving even more chances to win. When it comes to the Triple Slime Bonus, you must use your skills to manoeuvre the traps to capture up to seven ghosts. These will reveal pointers for the three bonus wheels, giving you another chance to claim some winnings.
The Triple Slime Bonus awards up to 145,950 times the triggering coin value on three wheels.

Amazing Graphics

The game features all the iconic characters from the Hollywood movies, so keep an eye for Mr Stay Puft the marshmallow man, as well as Spengler, Venkman, Stantz and Zeddemore. You can also spot a host of other memorable items from the movies, including the famous Ecto-1 Cadillac that the team drive around in.
So stay tuned and get ready for three times the fun with Ghostbusters Triple Slime – coming soon to LadyLucks! Get ready to be thrilled by the bonuses, collect the prizes and take home big winnings! Surely, you ain’t afraid of no ghost?!

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