Mayan Moola Mobile Slot

The Mayans might have wrongly predicted the world would end in 2012, but they’ve got a pretty nifty slot of their own. Introducing Mayan Moola, the progressive slot for all clairvoyant fans out there!

Experience the mystery of the Mayans in Mayan Moola!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Mayans, they are a civilisation of ancient descent originating from the Mesoamerican era, who are notorious for their hieroglyphics and fuzzy predictions. Over the years people have taken from their writings various end-world prophecies, including the most recent in 2012.

With five reels and 100 paylines, this is certainly an exciting slot; in-fact, it’s one of the busiest slots on the market. With a minimum bet of 10p, alongside a maximum bet of £100, this slot greatly appeals to all types of players. With the opportunity to win £20,000 from one spin, there’s plenty of opportunity to bag some real cash.

Read on for more information, or if you’ve already been convinced head on to the LadyLucks mobile app and jump straight into the action.

Set in the time of the Maya and ready to pay big!

On first appearance, Mayan Moola is a delightful mobile slot which is clear and simple to use. The reels are firmly set in the centre and take the appearance of parchment. The game’s symbol is at the stop, while the spin button (along with where you can increase and decrease your bet) are placed at the bottom. In the background you can see ancient statues of what looks like slightly bemused Gods.

The symbols in this game are what you would expect; two headed snakes, pyramids, Mayan warriors and more. The bonus symbol in this game is the calendar, where landing three will award six free spins, four will provide eight free spins and five will pay 10 free spins! All prizes during the free spins bonus are doubled, and can be re-triggered.

Game Details
Paylines 100
Min bet 10p
Max bet £100
RTP 91.97%